What is Arbor Day | When is Arbor Day in the United States ?

Arbor Day is a holiday in some countries. Many People are encouraged to take part in this event for planting trees. It is gonna make our environment better. It is like an awareness program for everyone to make our surrounding green and pollution free. It shows that how much people are concern about our nature because nature is everything for us. It gives us all the important resources to live. So, we are here to give you some information like what is Arbor Day, why is Arbor Day important, when is Arbor Day, etc. So, let’s start:

What is Arbor Day?

arbor day dateArbor Day was first celebrated in Nebraska in 1872. Approx one million trees were planted on its first day in Nebraska. In many countries, It is observed as a national holiday. It is a holiday in Nebraska. It is like a day off to everyone, and some businesses are closed on this day. This day is also known as national Arbor Day.  It is celebrated on different days and different time around the globe. It depends upon the weather conditions and seasons. This day aims to encourage people to plant trees as well as educate their belongings and friends about nature. The actual meaning of arbor day is to spread awareness about trees. One must take part in this event to plant Arbor Day memorial trees.

When is Arbor Day?

As said above, Arbor Day is a holiday in Nebraska. People are still confused about Arbor Day date, and they don’t even know on which day Arbor Day 2019 is falling. Arbor Day is celebrated on 4th Friday of April every year.  In 2019, it is falling on the 26th of April. Arbor Day is a state holiday to promote planting in Nebraska only. It’s not a national holiday. You can see the list of national or federal holidays 2019 in the United Staes below:

Sr. No.DateFederal HolidayDay of the Week
1January 1, 2019New Year's DayTuesday
2January 21, 2019Martin Luther King DayMonday
3February 18, 2019Presidents' Day*Monday
4May 27, 2019Memorial Day Monday
5July 4, 2019Independence DayThursday
6September 2, 2019Labor DayMonday
7October 14, 2019Columbus DayMonday
8November 11, 2019Veterans DayMonday
9November 28, 2019Thanksgiving DayThursday
10December 25, 2019Christmas DayWednesday

These are the federal holidays in 2019 when all the offices and businesses will be closed. Arbor Day is not mentioned in the list because it is not a federal holiday. So, all the businesses and offices will work as normal days with regular working hours.

Why is Arbor Day Important?

Arbor Day has been celebrating since 1872. The craziness of this day is the same as it was before. People are focusing on making our environment better. They take part in this event to make our surroundings more beautiful. Nowadays, people are aware of the destruction of the environment by cutting the trees. Now, they are more concerned about deforestation. They should realize that this issue is as important as other major issues, and that’s the reason we are celebrating this day with a hope that at least one person should plant a tree in a year.

Planting Arbor Day trees is an important role on Arbor Day.  If you can’t plant Arbor Day free trees in your backyard, there are so many organizations which organize tree planting events. You can join them and be a part of this event. It is important to learn about the use of products which are made up of trees such as wood, paper, and gum. We should think about that and preserve the origin of these products. We should recycle everything as much as possible. People can take part in this event in many ways. One way to promote Arbor Day is to engage the children in tree-related crafts and activities. Another way to take part in this event is to make posters or make any other publicity material to spread awareness about this day.


So, these were the main highlights of Arbor Day. It is falling on Friday, 26th April this year. Plant as many as trees you can and save the environment.

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