USPS Priority Mail Delivery Time | How Fast is Priority Mail?

The corporates today need the help of Post office to get their goods shipped, to send the accounts or bills and also to promote their services. For these corporates, the United States Postal Service has two products. One of the products is the First-Class Mail, and the other one is the Priority Mail. These are the products that enable the businesses to get things like reminder postcards, customer-ordered goods, delivery to the customer, etc. Both services – Priority Mail and First-Class Mail, are the best way to get the shipment loaded and delivered but these two have different delivery time.

Here, in this article, we’ll talk about the USPS Priority Mail delivery time that how much time it takes to get shipped. Let’s start:

How Long Does USPS Priority Mail Take?

As the USPS confirms, the Priority Mail takes one to two days to arrive on an average. With USPS priority mail, you can mail items that meet specific size specifications for the delivery in one, two or three days. The service comes with free boxes, envelopes, and labels. The USPS delivers mail six days a week starting from Monday till Saturday, and on Sundays, it only delivers Priority Mail Express and Amazon items.

US Postal service only embraces the time a shipment or a package is found lying in the transit in their calculations. If the customer leaves the packages at the post office during the business hours, USPS send it on the same day, but if the customer drops the packages after the business hours, it might take a little longer – generally one more day.

How fast is Priority mail, also depends on the distance. If one sends the packages to the inter-state locations, the same usually arrive much earlier as compared to the packages that the client sends across the country. There are also some packages that may take much longer to reach because of the reason for mailing delays. Standard mail or package delivery does not take place on Sundays. USPS also keeps an off on all the federal holidays like many other country’s service providers. The post office holds the packages in transit on holiday. Because of this, the United States Postal Service often experiences a backlog. Many such instances have been recorded previously especially in the days around the festival of Christmas. Due to the leaves, the priority mail time gets perturbed, and shipments go on hold which creates a huge backlog. When the USPS starts working after the holiday, the work becomes hectic, and due to the backlog, the packages arrive much after the estimated time.

Extreme weather conditions can cause delays as well. Weather delays have also been a significant contributor in creating the disturbance in the working of the USPS in the past. But the best part is that the USPS delivers in the lousy weather conditions also. But at times when the weather conditions are severe, it leads to the national disasters. At that time, it can stop the shipments to reach their destinations. Especially when the destination is part of the affected area, then it becomes impossible for the shipment to reach on time, causing trouble to committed USPS priority shipping times.

For the convenience of the customers, the USPS also offers Delivery Confirmation on Priority Mail packages. The customers who want to be sure of the delivery time can buy this service of Delivery Confirmation on Priority Mail packages. With this Delivery Confirmation service, the customers will be able to track the status of their package. All they will have to do is to log-in to the USPS website and then look for the tracker of their package. The tracking feature available on the USPS website will show them precisely where their package is placed in the transit currently. It will also notify the customers when USPS has completed delivery. This feature will help the customers self-track their package and keep them aware of their shipment status and know their priority mail speed.

Some businesses use the First-Class Mail service instead of Priority mail. While with the First-Class Mail service, one can send envelopes, letters, postcards that are smaller in size, and other thin papers like bills. Though one can also submit documents that are slightly hefty in size and package weighing up to 13 ounces through the service of First-Class Mail. The corporate customers are also found using the First-Class Mail Commercial Plus who send packages often. First-Class Mail Commercial Plus permits the packages that have a weight of up to 1 pound. But to use this service, you must send a minimum number of packages every year, but the corporates who do not want to commit to the minimum number of packages use Priority Mail.

Calculate USPS Priority Mail Time:

To know your USPS priority mail shipping time and when exactly will your package arrive, go to Priority Mail Delivery Map.

The map will help you find out how fast is your priority shipping. With the help of this map, you will be able to know whether it will take one or two or three days for your package to arrive. Though the exceptions may apply here and the delivery time that the map shows is not guaranteed.

On this link, you will find a checkbox where “Search on Zip Code” is written. In the same box, you will be asked to enter the 3 or a 5-digit ZIP Code that you are shipping. Do make sure that you enter the code correctly as you may get a false result and a misleading map if you enter the wrong zip code. To be sure, double check the code entered. Upon entering the same correctly, the map will show you the status of your shipment, and you will know your USPS priority mail shipping time.

In the image below, you can see its delivery time in the different regions of the United States:

Priority Mail Delivery Time

You can also zoom and drag the map on the Delivery Map page to look at the closeup and then you can enjoy a clearer vision of the map. In the map, you will be able to see the area you are mailing to, as well as Alaska, Hawaii, and the United States territories that receive Priority Mail service.

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