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USPS offers various services to its customers. One of the functionalities of the postal service is the USPS Hold mail service. This article will brief you about what exactly is the USPS Hold mail service and how does it work. You will get to know the things you must know before requesting the USPS hold mail service. This article will also explain you in detail, the various methods of using the hold mail service, out of which you can choose the one that suits you. So, get ready to know all the know-how of the USPS Hold Mail Service.

Firstly, we’ll find out what this service is and why it’s useful to you. So, let’s start:

USPS Hold Mail Service:

Are you planning an excursion in the near future? Or are you going on an official trip soon? Well, whenever we schedule an outstation visit, we usually settle or arrange a few things before locking ourselves out of our home like finishing a pending work, etc. Similarly, we need to take care of the impending mail and packages so that we do not miss out any critical letter in our absence.

Lost MailHave you ever thought what will happen to the mails and packages that will be delivered to your home by the postal service, when you are not available at home to collect the same? Thinking this may give you bout of anxiety, but you don’t have to worry when USPS is there. Yes, the USPS comes to your rescue once again! One of the most useful services offered by the US Postal Service is the USPS Hold Mail Service. USPS Hold Mail Service is meant for holding your mails and packages till the conveyed time. By using this service, you can hold your mail before going on the vacations. And another delightful news for you is that the process of using mail hold request is quite easy.

So, this way with this fantastic USPS service, you don’t have to face problems when coming back from the vacations and you can enjoy your vacations in full swing without any mental pressure. If you use this service offered by USPS, there will be zero instance of mail loss or get your mailbox full of mails. Since the weather is unpredictable, at times due to bad or rainy weather, our essential mails get wet and destroyed. This kind of severe weather often leads to mail loss. To prevent this scenario, here are suggested some of the ways which will be useful for you:

  • Keep a bigger mailbox.
  • Before leaving your home, request your neighbor to collect your mails and keep it safe with him or her until you get back.
  • Use the USPS Hold mail service and keep all your mails on hold.

One of these suggested ways will surely solve your problem. It will be best to resort to the last or the third suggestion because this one is the most suitable and full-proof. Putting your mails and packages on hold with USPS is easy. Though, installing a bigger sized mailbox can also work for you, provided your neighbor is sure to collect all the mails and packages on your behalf. But you need to be very sure that he/she will do it regularly without fail. Because any negligence on his part will lead to the loss of mail or package which may be detrimental to you.

Things to Understand Before using Hold Mail Service:

If you have decided to use the USPS Hold Mail service to keep your mails and packages on hold by the United States Postal Service, then there are a few things you must keep in mind which are listed herewith:

1. Determine the duration of USPS Hold mail:

  • Firstly, you have to decide what time or for how long should USPS hold the mail for you. It is essential to decide the duration of the hold mail because as per the rules of USPS, the postal service, when requested, usually holds the mails of their users for a minimum of three days to a maximum of 30 days. For this period, the US Postal service does not levy any charges.
  • To make things clear, you must mention the starting and the ending date to the USPS considering the dates of your vacation. These dates will convey to the USPS that when do you want that postal service should not send your mail. For the given dates, the postal service will not send any mail and package to your home.

2. When should you submit the request?

  • Another important thing is to decide when should you convey to the USPS that you wish to use their stop mail service. In case you are going to request the USPS to hold your mail over the phone or by personal visit, then it usually takes just one day to process your request. If you want to raise your request the online way, you must do so before 2 AM CST. By submitting your request before 2 AM CST, the USPS will process your request the same day. Hence, it’s necessary to take care of the time factor while raising a request for the hold mail.

3. How to submit the hold mail request?

  • The third and the last thing you must be sure of is to decide which method you are going to adapt to raise the request to the USPS to get your mails on hold. There are many methods to request for this service. You must resort to one of the methods to submit your request. If you are aware of the ways or the methods, it is excellent! But if you do not know the different methods of how to submit the hold mail request, then you don’t have to bother because here is the complete list of each and every method in detail to raise the USPS stop mail service request. Go through the same and update yourself:

Methods to Hold Your Mails:

1. Visit Post Office:

Post OfficeThe first method to use the US postal service hold mail is to visit your local post office. As you land up in your local post office, ask the concerned person to provide you PS Form 8076. It is the form that is used by the USPS customers to convey to the postal service that you are going out of station for a vacation or an official trip. You need to fill the form correctly mentioning all the necessary details and information. The information asked are very simple. The form asks your name, your current address, the dates for the hold mail from start to end, etc. Once you finish filling the form, you must sign it as well. When you are sure that the form is filled completely and correctly and has your signature too, you need to give your form to the clerk. The clerk will provide you a confirmation number. Do make sure that you do not miss that number. You should keep that number safe with you because later on if you wish to change or edit the hold mail request, you will need that number to do so. So, this is the easy way to raise the request for USPS hold mail service by visiting the Post office yourself. But you need to keep in mind that you must visit the post office during the working hours. If you do not visit during the business hours or you happen to visit during the lunch hours, you will end up wasting your time.

If you want to fill the form at your home only before going to the local post office, you can do that as well because the USPS hold mail form is available online. You can download the PS Form 8076 online.

That’s the image of the hold mail form or the PS Form 8076:Hold Mail Form 8076

2. Via Phone:

PhoneIf you do not want to visit the post office, here is a more convenient option for you. You can raise the request for US post office hold mail through the phone as well. The phone is a better way to book your request as it is much easier to request for the hold mail just by making a call to the post office rather than personally visiting all the way to the post office. For the convenience of its customers, the postal service has provided a toll-free 800 customer care number. You can call on this number and not only about your hold mail booking request, but also about various issues like mailing issues or any other query, etc. This number works for the entire nation. You can call them during business hours only (the details of the business hours are mentioned below) and make them aware of the necessary details that are needed for the US mail vacation hold. The concerned person will provide you a confirmation number. Again, you need to keep this confirmation number safe with you and try not to miss it by any chance. You may need this number for future use like if you wish to reduce or extend the duration of your hold mail service. This method is a quick way to request for USPS vacation hold.

The number to call on is 1-800-ASK-USPS or 1-800-275-8777.

Business Hours details are mentioned below:

  • Monday to Friday timings: 8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. (ET)
  • Saturdays timings: 8 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (ET)
  • Sundays timings: Off

3. Via Online:

Online Icon

Online method is the most preferred method by the customers of USPS. This method is a big time-saver. If you are in a hurry or have a time crunch, then you must resort to this method only for raising the post office hold mail service request. You will have to follow a few steps to use this method. But these steps are easy to understand. Moreover, in case you are stuck somewhere, we are always there to guide you. You need to go through all the steps given below in detail and complete them one by one. All you need to do is to follow the steps, and you will be able to submit the United States Hold Mail request in no time. Here are the steps for raising the request for USPS Hold Mail Service through the online method:

Step 1: Go to the main site of USPS:

The first step is to log-in to the official site of the USPS. The main USPS site is As you open the official site of the USPS, you will open a new window. Now you have this current tab and the official site of the USPS. Here, on this tab, you must keep reading the guiding information on how to submit the request for post holdings online, at the same time you can continue working on the USPS site on the other tab. Now, on the main site of USPS which you have just opened, click on the “Hold Mail” option which is given under “Track & Manage” category. The same option is given under “Quick Tools” category as well. You can click on that also.

Put Mail on Hold Online

You can also click on the button given below to go to the Hold Mail page.

Hold Mail

Step 2: The second step will check if the Hold Mail service is available for your home:

To see if the United States postal service hold mail is available for your address or not, you will have to mention some essential information such as your first name, your last name, your email ID, the full address of your home, etc. After you finish entering all these information in the given space, you need to hit on the “Check Availability” button. The postal service offers this hold mail service for the address of your home and not the individual. You must also know that at a time your home address can have just one “hold mail order” and not more than one.Check the Availability of Hold Mail Service

Make sure to enter all the information correctly. If you have entered your details correctly, then it will display you the result. If the site finds a mistake in the information, then it will also display you that, and if the address entered is eligible for this United States post office hold mail service, then it will display “Available.” The image is attached for your reference:

Stop Mail Service Available

However, if the hold my mail service is not available for your address, in that case, it will display the message saying “Sorry, online hold mail requests aren’t available for this address, but you can still request one at your local Post Office. Or, try another address.” In this case, you can mention other address by editing the address information indicating the other location. You can also visit your local post office. They will assist you further on this and tell you the alternate ways of using USPS hold mail service online.

Error Message on Hold Mail

Step 3: Mention the Hold Mail request dates:

Now as you know that the address of your home is valid and available for stop mail delivery, then you can proceed to the next part. Only when your address is available, the steps of this process will enable itself. This step will ask you to enter the start date, and end date of your USPS hold mail service request. You can choose a delivery option for getting all your held mails. To have your mails, there are two ways. Either you can collect all the gathered or held mail on your own, or you can allow your letter carrier to send them to your address. You are also permitted to enter some additional details such as any recommendation or suggestion. To give them some instruction or so, just add the same to the given blank space. Your instruction must not be of more than 255 characters.

Step 4: Submit the hold mail service request:

Hold Mail Duration

Finally, this is the last step of the USPS hold package process. Now that you are done with mentioning all the important and asked information or details, you are advised to do a second check of all the info. This is done to correct any error or typo mistake you would have done in a hurry. This way you can be sure that there is no mistake in any of the fields. After you have checked all the fields and you are sure that everything is correct to the best of your knowledge, just hit the button “Submit” or “Schedule Hold Mail.” As you do that, you need to wait for a while as the site responds as successful in a few seconds.

Having done this, you will get a mail having all the details about the post office stop mail request you have submitted. The postal service will also send you a confirmation letter mentioning the same details or information you have entered online, for the confirmation. This is done to avoid the cases when the person doesn’t know that the stop my mail service has been generated on his name for his address as sometimes someone else raises the hold mail request on the main person’s behalf and the main person does not know at all about it. Hence, to confirm the same thing, US postal service sends the confirmation letter to the mentioned address. After receiving the confirmation letter, if you feel that there is some error in the information or you would like to edit or modify some part of the request or the complete request, you may do so by contacting the local post office.

4. Through USPS Mobile App:

USPS has kept its pace with the latest technology. Today we have an app for everything, and USPS is not lagging behind. Hence, USPS also has a mobile app which is called “USPS Mobile.” One can download this app from the App Store and the Play Store. This app has been specially made to make things further easy for USPS customers. This app allows you to hold your mail when you have already left your home in an emergency. What can be better this? Isn’t it? Both the iOS and the Android users can use this app not only to raise the request for ‘stop mail delivery USPS’ but for other services as well. One can track their packages, ship online, buy the stamps, find the locations, change the current address to new, schedule USPS hold for pickup of the mails and packages, and much more by using this app. Requesting the hold mail service with this mobile app is a matter of just a few seconds.

USPS Mobile App

There is an icon on the Operating System (OS), to download this app, you need to click on that.

Download USPS Mobile From App Store

Download USPS Mobile App from Play Store

What to do if You Want to Hold Mail for More than 30 days?

What if you are traveling out of town or out of the country for more than a month? As communicated earlier, the USPS offers the USPS hold mail service for a minimum three days to a maximum 30 days, then what happens when you know that you would need this service from USPS for even a more longer duration? So, if you wish to hold your mails and packages for more than thirty days, then, the United States Postal Service has an option for this as well. The USPS offers “Premium Forwarding Service” for its customers who are traveling for more than 30 days. This service by USPS which is called “Premium Forwarding Service” is not free. Since USPS cannot take the burden of accumulating the customer’s mails and packages for a long time free of cost, they charge for providing this service. So, if you wish to hold your mail and packages for the period more than 30 days, you can avail this chargeable service. The users who are traveling for a duration up to one year can use Premium Forwarding Service. The United States Postal Service will keep your mails on hold, pack it, and mail it to you using their Priority Mail service every week. This service can also be used temporarily. One can use Premium Forwarding Service for the minimum duration of 2 weeks to the maximum duration of one year. However, the Premium Forwarding Service Residential Online option is not working for the Post Office Box address as of now.



USPS Hold mail service is another feather in the cap of United States postal service. Like always, with this service also, USPS continually strives to provide the best quality services to its customers, and you can’t agree more, isn’t it?

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  1. I ordered tickets through Ticketmaster before starting my mail forwarding. I checked with my daughter who is receiving my mail and she said they did not arrive. (They were ordered over 3 weeks ago). Does the USPO deliver these kind of items or put them on hold? Thank you

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  3. Had to come home early from vacation and tried to pick up held mail but post officer manager would not let me as I said I still wanted it to be held another 6 days as I originally requested. I said that didn’t make any sense! I cannot get 4 days of stopped mail! This is almost two mail boxes full as I use the US mail a lot. This just isn’t right. Please forward this response to the US post office in Mint Hill, N.C. on lawyers road.

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