Delivery Times and the Features of All USPS Services and Mail-Class

As we all know that USPS offers various services and mail classes to its customers and there are different time frames to deliver packages through those services. Most of the customers don’t know about the delivery time and the main feature of all the services and mail classes. Some of them are Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, First-Class Mail, Retail Ground, Media Mail, etc.

So, here we’ll give you the complete detail about these mail-classes and services. Read the below passage to get insights into different mail classes of USPS and their features:

Priority Mail Express:

  1. Delivers in 1 – 2 business days
  2. Offers money back guarantee
  3. Price starts from $23.75
  4. Comes with $100 insurance
  5. Have access to Proof of delivery signature records and Tracking information
  6. Overnight delivery schedule by 10:30 am
  7. Works for 365 days a year including Sunday and public holiday
  8. Maximum available weight 70lbs
  9. Seal flat rate envelope with normal folds

Priority Mail

  1. first class mailDelivers in 1 – 3 business days, but not guaranteed
  2. Delivery available from Monday to Saturday (public holidays not included)
  3. Price starts from $6.65 up to 70 lbs
  4. Have access to tracking information
  5. Comes with $50 insurance
  6. No surcharges for fuel for residential, rural, and regular Saturday deliveries
  7. Maximum weight is 70 lbs.
  8. Maximum length and girth are 108.”
  9. The container flap of the Flat Rate Envelope or Box should be able to close within the usual folds.

First-Class Mail

  1. Delivers in 1 – 3 business days, but not guaranteed
  2. Price is based on the size and weight of the package
  3. Offers the best price for 13 oz mail service
  4. Merchandise worth of $5,000 is covered with insurance
  5. Can be combined with other services for delivery confirmation
  6. Suitable mail service for businesses

USPS Retail Ground

  1. Delivers in 1 – 8 business days, but not guaranteed
  2. Price starts at $6.65
  3. Available only on retail
  4. Suitable mail choice larger packages as Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail can’t accommodate it
  5. Have access to USPS tracking on retail
  6. Mail packages up to70 lbs and length and girth of 130 inches are only allowed
  7. Special pricing available for lightweight and large mail packages

Media Mail

  1. Delivers in 2 – 8 business days, but not guaranteed
  2. Price starts at $2.63
  3. Suitable mail choice for sending books and study materials
  4. Maximum allowed weight is 70 lbs
  5. Video games, digital drives, computer drives are not allowed as it is dedicated for educational materials only

The people of the United States trust the service of USPS for sending regular mail to most critical documents. The postal service strives very hard to keep up the trust and promising delivery. They process the shipping promptly, and the letter carrier delivers the mail on time. No matter how bad the weather condition or other severe circumstances is, USPS assures to deliver the mail on time. As discussed earlier, people don’t trust their service for prompt delivery but also for the cheaper rates. Reliable service at an affordable cost is the key to their success.

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