UPS Tracking Number | Number Format and Example

UPS is one of the biggest package delivery companies. Just like the USPS, they also offer a variety of services to its customers along with some add-on services too. One of the most popular services that UPS offers is the service called the UPS tracking. If you are a UPS customer, you would have heard of it, and probably used it too. But, if you still do not know about this service, you can read the content below and make yourself aware of almost everything related to the UPS tracking code or number.

As the name suggests, using this service, the UPS customers can track their packages themselves. Let us know more about it.

UPS Tracking Number:

When you send your shipment, it goes through many transit points. As you mail your item, your item gets scanned at various transit points starting from the acceptance to the times of its delivery. UPS allots a tracking number to each shipment as it scans the number at every transit point.

Now, if you want to know about your shipment such as where has your shipment reached till now, when is it expected to deliver, etc. then UPS Tracking service is there to help you. Hence, UPS Tracking is a free facility using which, you can view the updated status of your shipment. UPS includes this service with almost all the shipments. For using this UPS shipping number, you don’t need to pay extra amount. All you need to pay for is the postage and not for the tracking service. UPS Tracking number is also called as UPS Tracking ID. The UPS tracking also allows the international tracking and the shipment carrier may provide you the UPS tracking number of Canada, UPS tracking number of USA, and UPS tracking number of UK.

UPS Tracking Number Format:

As we told you above, the UPS tracking number is a number that UPS allots to the shipment so that you can track the same. You can use the UPS tracking number lookup or the tracking service to track your packages and get updated on the things like the route of the package, expected date of delivery, the current status of the package, etc. Since the scanning is done at all the points in the transit, you can get the latest status of your package.

Want to know how long is a UPS tracking number? UPS tracking number is 18 digits number. The break-up of the 18 characters tracking number of UPS is given below:

  • The first two letters of the UPS tracking number are always 1Z.
  • After that, next 6 characters are the shipper number
  • Next two digits are the service level indicator (For example in the case of UPS ground tracking number, it is 03)
  • The last 8 digits is the number that is used to identify one’s package

So, the example of UPS tracking number can be somewhat like this: 1Z9999999999999999

Another thing to note is, UPS also tracks the tracking numbers having 7 characters to 20 characters, such as:

  • Delivery Order or Sub-PRO Number – Less Than Truckload (LTL) or Truckload (TL) child shipment tracking numbers
  • House Air Waybill is used for the air freight movement
  • House Bill of Lading is used for the ocean freight movement
  • UPS InfoNotice is a bar-coded notice that is included with a 12-digit reference number. UPS gives this on the very first delivery attempt in some of the countries.
  • PRO Number is used for surface freight movement, like the format of UPS freight tracking number.
  • UPS Service Notice is a notice which UPS gives on the first delivery attempt in some of the countries.

You can see the format in the image below:

UPS tracking number

UPS Mail Innovations Tracking Number:

The UPS mail innovations tracking numbers have a different format than the ones given above. This is because the packages are delivered through USPS and UPS mail innovation network, so the innovation tracking number carries a different format. This number should not be used again at least for six months for other shipments.

The format of the UPS mail innovations tracking numbers is:

  • USPS Delivery Confirmation Number is 22 digits to 34 digits numeric number.
  • Sequence Number or MMS/MMI Number is the 18-digit number which is allocated internally by UPS World ship or UPS Mail Innovations.
  • Mail Innovations Compliant Package ID is allocated to each mail item. It is a barcode type identifier. Its format looks like this:


So, this is the UPS Mail Innovations tracking number format, where MI is the UPS Mail Innovations indicator, XXXXXX is the 6-digit unique customer number, and NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN is the 22 characters unique number as allocated by the Shipper.

One can track any UPS mail innovations item on both the websites and

How to Get UPS Tracking Number?

For getting the UPS tracking 1z number, find out the same on your order receipt which you would have got at the time of placing the order. If you placed your order online, then check the same in your email or on your UPS account.

So, the in the former case:

  • Find the order receipt that you received from the shipping carrier
  • Look for the longest number on the receipt.
  • This is your tracking number

Now you can visit the website of the UPS to track your shipment. Enter your tracking number and view the up-to-date information on your shipment. You can also call the phone number on your receipt.

If you have used the popular payment site PayPal, you may have got the tracking number too. Using this number also you can get the updated status of your shipment from UPS. This tracking number can be found on the details page of the specific PayPal transaction. For doing so,

  • Log-in to your PayPal account.
  • Hit “View all of my transactions,” or you can also click on the “History” link which is mentioned near the top of the page
  • Go to the page that lists your PayPal transactions
  • Now Click the “Details” link which is mentioned next to the transaction you have chosen
  • Now the open page will show you the details PayPal has on the transaction which will also include the tracking number. If you don’t find your tracking number, then you can get in touch with the other party and ask them to mail you or post you the Details page.

Where is the Tracking Number on UPS Receipt?

Many people are not able to check tracking number on UPS receipt. UPS gets a lot of query from its customers that they are not able to locate their tracking number, but it is quite easy to find the tracking number.

A UPS tracking number consists of 18 digits. This is the longest number written on your UPS receipt. So, look for the longest number written on the receipt that UPS would have given you at the time you placed your order. You will be able to find UPS tracking number easily.

How quickly does UPS update the tracking system?

When it comes to shipping and receiving packages, everyone knows that time is of the essence. After all, you don’t want your important delivery to arrive late or get lost in transit. Luckily, with UPS’s innovative tracking system, you can always stay up-to-date on the latest developments in your shipment journey. Through a combination of scanning technology and wifi connectivity, each package is quickly and efficiently updated at each new location, ensuring that you know exactly where your package is at all times.

However, there may be instances where delays occur for various reasons. For example, perhaps the driver doesn’t have access to a wifi connection at the moment when their route takes them past your shipment’s current location. Or maybe there was an unexpected traffic jam that forced them to redirect their course slightly in order to avoid being late for their next scheduled pickup or delivery. Regardless of the cause behind it, any delay in updating tracking information does not mean that your package isn’t still moving toward its destination – only that things might be taking a bit longer than usual this time around.

At the end of the day, what matters most is that UPS delivers both speed and accuracy in its package tracking services – so when you’re waiting on an important delivery from them, just relax and trust that they’ll get it there on time! And if you ever need more information on how long it takes for UPS to update tracking, simply visit their website or give them a call – they’d be happy to help out in any way they can. After all, customer satisfaction is one of their top priorities!

Without a tracking number, how can I locate a package?

If you’re wondering how to track a package without a tracking number, start by contacting the vendor. Usually, they will be able to provide you with the tracking number or other important shipping information that you need in order to track your package. If this is not the case, you may have to contact the shipping carrier directly and use your shipping information at checkout to track your package. Regardless of whether or not you have a tracking number, it’s important to remain patient and persistent while trying to find out where your package is. With some diligence and patience, you should be able to successfully track down your shipment and enjoy the items you ordered in no time!

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