Use “UPS Follow My Delivery” to track UPS Packages

United Parcel Service (UPS) has launched a unique and fascinating service for its customers. This service is called “UPS Follow my delivery.” You must be aware of this service. If you haven’t, then let us inform you that it is a new fantastic service using which the UPS customers can track where their packages are in real time. It is a modish and easy method of tracking your package. The UPS customers are awe-struck with this service, and they find it very interesting because using this service, the customers track their packages as per their convenience. Before the delivery of the package, the customers of UPS receive a link through an email. The map in real time shows the package icon. The best thing about this map in real time is that the map updates after every 2 to 3 minutes. Because of such high frequency of update, the customers get to see the latest and the most updated information about their package. Moreover, without even refreshing the page, the customers get to see the current location of their package.

But to use this service, you need to register on UPS My Choice. If you do not register on UPS My Choice, this service will not be available for you, and you will not be able to track your package. Hence, if you want to enjoy the facility of this service, you must make sure that you have registered in My Choice account. Registering for the UPS My Choice account is not difficult. It is a simple and a quick process. Also, this service is not open to all. The customers who are only UPS Worldwide Express customers and UPS Air customers can avail this feature. Though, after getting a lot of request from the other customers, the UPS is thinking to launch this feature for all their customers and the users who use UPS services and tools.

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UPS does not reveal the exact route their driver follows to deliver the package. Now that the UPS customers can find the details of their packages on a map in real time, the UPS is expecting that many complaints regarding the lost packages will cease now. Though UPS still receives a lot of complains even after launching this fantastic service. The kind of problems the UPS handles are given below along with the answers:


UPS Follow my delivery

Why My package is Not Moving?

It happens that at times the driver has to take a halt. Sometimes the driver needs to take long stops due to unavoidable circumstances. The customers see on the real-time map that their package is moving as the driver progresses on his route. But, the customer should not worry as the map keeps updating after every 2 to 3 minutes.

Why and When a User Can’t See the Map?

The users receive the link to the map through the email. This map is reflected as the UPS driver starts delivering the packages on the given route. When the package reaches you, then you cannot see the map. If the package does not reach you on the first day, then you will receive a new link to the map the following morning.

How to Turn off the Follow My Delivery Alerts?

Though most of the customers like this facility, if you do not want this service, then follow these steps:

  • Log in to My Choice account
  • Go to My Settings
  • Then go to Alerts
  • Edit
  • Deselect “Day of Delivery” alerts
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You would have known almost everything about UPS Follow My Delivery by now, but if you wish to seek some more information, then you can call: 1-800-PICK-UPS.

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