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You would have been aware of the UPS services. UPS or United Parcel Service is the biggest package delivery company in the whole world that offers services like Courier express services, Freight forwarding services, and logistics services. James E. Casey had founded the company way back in 28, 1907, with its headquarter based in Georgia, United States. UPS delivers more than 15 Mn. packages to almost 8 Mn. customers in more than 200 countries and territories every day.

UPS MobileAs you know that United Parcel Service has been working in and out for their customers, they also constantly endeavor to facilitate more comfortable and simple to use services for their customers worldwide. They have launched one of the best add-on service called as UPS Mobile App or UPS tracking app for their customers just like USPS Mobile app. These days since we have an app for almost everything, UPS is not lagging behind. The mobile app by UPS works both for the Android and the iOS users as it works on both the operating systems.

Using the UPS mobile app, a customer can do a variety of things. This app enables the customer to do different functions sitting at their home only without going to their nearest UPS store. Hence, not only it saves time and effort but gives you instant access to all the information related to the shipment. With this app, the customers can get all the details of their mail items from anywhere and at any time.

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There are many interesting features of this UPS Mobile App. Following are some of the features that have already become a favorite of many UPS customers.

  • Track Packages:

One of the best facilities is the UPS mobile tracking that the UPS Mobile App offers. It is the ability to track the UPS packages or the shipments. To know the updated status of the package, the customer has to open the UPS Mobile, scan and punch in the tracking number in the relevant field. This tracking number is also known as the InfoNotice number. So, if the app asks you to enter the InfoNotice number, you don’t have to get confused as now you know that you have to enter the tracking number and nothing else. By entering the correct UPS tracking number or the InfoNotice number, you will get to know the updated status of your mail item. It is highly important that all the UPS customers who have sent their shipments through UPS save the tracking number with themselves to track their package. They can save the status of tracking numbers till 75 to refer in future. The customer can also nickname their shipments for the use in future.

  • Package Shipping:

You can use payment and shipping preferences on the main site of the UPS to ship your package in an easy and quick way. The UPS address book enables the customers to punch in the details faster. If you don’t have the UPS ID, then don’t worry. You can use the guest shipping.

  • Find Locations:
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Another benefit of the UPS Mobile is the facility of finding locations. The app allows you to find any location of post offices easily. The customers need to use their GPS for this feature. They can toggle between the map and list view to know the location. The customers are also advised to use the filters. Using the filters will give them a good outcome.

  • Access UPS My Choice: 

This feature of the UPS mobile App helps their customers schedule and control the home deliveries. All you have to do is to enroll in UPS My Choice. With this feature, you can get to see the summary of the package in the delivery planner. This part of the app also helps the customer to get the alerts of your impending deliveries or the deliveries you are expecting next. Also, if the customer does not get his package at any address, he can go on to choose another address for receiving the package delivery. By doing this, the customer can prevent missing the upcoming delivery.

These are only some of the features of the UPS Application as we cannot list all. You can download this app on either Google play store if you are an Android user or from the App store if you are an iOS user.

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