8 Ways to Stop Junk Mail | Opt Out of Spam Mail

Junk Mail! A common problem. You are not the only one who is going through this bad phase; there are a lot. Getting junk mail is one of the frustrating things. Everyone tries to solve out this problem by opting so many different tricks and methods, but almost all the time, we feel like all our efforts are ruined. Each time you see your full mailbox, you only think about the unwanted catalogs, advertising of any product and service, etc. Pounds of junk mail is found in everyone’s mailbox every week. In this situation, only one question comes to our mind – How to Stop Receiving Junk Mail?

It’s not easy to get rid of junk mail, but you can opt out junk mail by following the solutions given in this article. We thought of writing this article after finding various queries asked by people. People are searching for the solutions to this problem like how to stop getting junk mail, how to eliminate junk mail, stop unwanted mail, etc. We know that you are also one of them and that’s why you are here. So, don’t worry we won’t disappoint you. You will get the proper solution to your problem after reading this article to its end. We’ll discuss the solutions, but it’s important to find out what the junk mail really is and how it makes its way to our mailboxes. Let’s find out:

What is Junk Mail & How does it Work?

junk mailEverything you receive in your mailbox or at your door which is useless for you is Junk Mail. It may be the catalogs, credit card offers, advertisement or promotion of any product or service, etc. The marketers and promoters of junk mail send these to us to promote their products and services, but we don’t see it with the same eyes. For us, it’s useless and should be stopped.

Now, it’s the time to understand how these useless promotions and offers make their way to our houses. It’s a simple process if you can understand. You are using various services of different agencies and companies, and thus you are in their database. Different agencies and companies use your information. For example, United States Postal Service (USPS) makes a huge revenue through this. It made lots of changes in the past year. Now, it’s easier for the promoters and marketers to promote their products and services. Post offices help these businesses for making the profit. Bulk mailers make a list of targeted addresses in an area and the post offices help bulk mailers to complete the list.

That’s how Junk Mail and its senders work. You don’t need to worry about it after knowing this because you can stop junk mail by opting following solutions.

How to Stop Junk Mail?

stop junk mail

As said before, there are various methods to stop getting junk mail. Don’t feel discouraged after seeing the total numbers of solutions in the list below. You may deal with one at a time or all at the same time. It’s your choice. Let’s start:

1. Stop All Unwanted Mailers:

You may stop all the unwanted mailers by opting some tips. Many of the solutions are as follows:

  • Write an application/letter to Mailing preference service (UK) or Mail preference service (US): Anyone can write an application or letter to the Mailing preference service (UK) or Mail preference service (US) asking them to opt out your name from the mailing list. After this, they will add your name to the do-not-mail list. Many people have asked that how to get off mailing lists for junk mail, then let us tell them that that’s the way to do so. This method works excellently. Mail preference service (US) will charge you $1 for this, but online option is free. Use their online form. Mailing preference service (UK) doesn’t charge a single penny for this.
  • form-fill-outAvoid placing your details everywhere: If you really want to opt out of junk mail, then don’t fill your address details on every survey, warranty cards, and raffles. Try to avoid this as much as you can. If it’s important to give the details, then also add “Neither sell/distribute information nor add to mailing list.” It will prevent them to add you to the mailing list. They will not pass the information either.
  • Remind companies that you do business with mailing: People who do business through the mail can eliminate junk mail easily at the starting point. Just tell the company not to add you to the mailing list while placing your first order or first transaction. By this method, you can stop the junk mail.
  • Place No Junk Mail Sign: “No Junk Mail” sign will help you out of this problem. Add this sign to the mailbox or at your door. You may also write “No Free Papers” on the mailbox. It will definitely reduce the amount of junk mail you receive. It’s because not all the mailpieces or any other item in the mailbox is left by the letter carrier. Promoters of large companies hire a person to distribute their offers and cards. So, that person will not put that item (any offer or unsolicited mail) into the mailbox. It’s also illegal. No one other than the official letter carrier can put anything into the mailbox without the permission of the owner.
  • mailing-listAsk junk mail senders individually to remove your name: Some unsolicited mails are sent in such a bulk that they are delivered to every single resident in a carrier route. So, to stop them, you have to contact every sender individually. Contact each of them by finding out the appropriate way. Try to figure out the way to contact them by looking at the unsolicited mail carefully. There should be the address or phone number of them. Then simply ask them to remove your name from the mailing list. Make them understand that you want to unsubscribe from junk mail.
  • Make information confidential in county tax database: Promotional companies target specific areas, and they choose the area according to neighborhood subdivisions or home values. So, to make the junk mail stop, ask your details or name be eliminated from the county tax database.
  • Receive all bills and statements electronically: They are not junk mail though, but they need paper and resources. So, it’s better to sign up for the electronic bills and statements. Many of the companies and agencies are offering this facility, and you should opt this. Also, electronic bills and statements are easier to manage.

2. Stop Mail Addressed to Someone Else:

  • Keep current address always: People living in the U.S usually ask how to get junk mail to stop, and for that, they have to keep their address current. If you are the one who just changed its address with USPS, then it may take some time to deliver you mail at your new address. After a while, you can fill out an online form to make the address current. There is one more disadvantage of changing address; the solicitation mailers may add you again in the junk mail list. So, for getting yourself out from the list again, you have to do all the things you did before to stop junk mail USPS. Also, you should not receive the mail item that is not addressed to you. If that mail item comes to you again, then make the letter carrier understand politely that the mail item is not addressed to you.
  • Return the item to Sender: If you find that the item that is delivered to you belongs to the former resident, then you should return it to the sender and for this, just write Return to Sender on the envelope and put it back into the mailbox.
  • Contact and report deaths to the credit reporting agencies: Report about the deaths to avoid the possible identity theft. For this, you just need to mail a copy of the death certificate to each of the following:
    • Experian P.O. Box 9530 Allen, TX 75013
    • Equifax P.O. Box 105069 Atlanta, GA 30348
    • TransUnion P.O. Box 6790 Fullerton, CA 92634

3. Cancel Unwanted Catalogs:

  • Contact universities soliciting potential students or catalog companies: It doesn’t matter whether you are a prospective student or a person who graduated a long time back, these universities soliciting potential students or university recruitment office send the recruitment materials to you and it’s such a pain. You have to stop them if you want no more junk mail in your mailbox. For this, contact the university recruitment office by using the toll-free number or any separate number. Ask them to remove you from the mailing list and also cancel the flyers. Also, prepare a reason because the customer service representative may ask you the reason. So, simply explain to them that you are not interested in those offers and also you are not planning to attend that university.
  • Opt out online: Junk mail opt out can be easily done online because there are so many catalogs and mail-order companies which are offering opt outs online. So, you just need to visit their website. Fill the form and you are done.
  • Opt out before it is sent: You give your information during a standardized test like PSAT, SAT, ACT, etc. So, you should always read the form carefully before you sign up for the tests. Make sure you are not agreeing to receive any junk mail while filling out any form.

4. Return To Sender:


Sending the mail item that doesn’t belong to you back to its sender will help you to reduce the junk mail. Read out the following steps to go in depth:

Use Return to Sender:

  • Leave the item unopened: Getting junk mail is a pain but don’t push it further by opening the envelopes. Whenever you receive such mail, don’t open it. Instead, leave it as you received.
  • Write “Return to Sender”: You must write “Return to Sender” on the envelope. When the letter carrier gets the mail item with the message, he/she will deliver it to the original sender of its. If the sender gets the mail item back, they will get the message that you don’t need such mail in future. So, try to write the message bold and clear so that the letter carrier could see it. You can also use a marker.
  • Mail it: It’s the time to send the item back to the sender, and for this, you must place the item in the mailbox. There is no need to add any postage. Simply mail it. You can also hand over the item to the mail carrier to take it to the post office. It’s the better option because if the item goes through the automated system, then the mail carrier would not be able to see the message.

Write a Note:

  • open envelopeOpen the envelope: If the method given above doesn’t work, then you can go with this. Firstly, you must open the envelope to sort through the items in each envelope. It’s one of the best ways to stop junk mail. If you receive lots of junk mail, then it would be better to do this once in a week because doing this on a regular basis can be an annoying process.
  • Select the pre-paid return envelopes: Now, you must gather all the pre-paid return envelopes. There is charity donation requests and credit card offers with pre-paid postage. So, you don’t need to pay for the postage. After opening up, the envelopes set all the pre-paid return envelopes aside. After that, you can correspond with the sender without paying for the postage.
  • Write a note: If you tried the “Return to Sender” method and that didn’t work for you, then it’s the time to take a step ahead to get off your name from the mailing list. Be polite and don’t use abusive language. If you don’t have any idea what to write on that note, then simply ask them to remove your name from the mailing list because you don’t wish to receive any solicitations or offers in future. Don’t forget to add your name and address on the note because there won’t be your details on the pre-paid envelope.
  • Mail it: Everything is done now. You just need to mail it back. For this, you can put it in the mailbox or hand over to the letter carrier.

Stuff the Envelope:

  • Gather pre-paid return envelopes: Again, you must gather all the pre-paid return envelopes. You can take advantage of it. Gather as much as you can and send back to them.
  • Collect the junk mail and stuff in the envelope: Collect the junk mail from all around the house and stuff it in the envelope. Thus, it will weigh more, and the company will pay more when you send it back to them.
  • Send it back: Now, you can send the envelope back to the sender. Try to drop it in the mailbox because the mail carrier might throw it away after noticing the extra thick envelope.

5. Opt out of Credit Card Solicitations:

credit card solicitations

If you are still thinking, “how do I stop junk mail,” then you should also opt out of credit card offers or solicitations. For this, follow the steps:

  • Find out the reason: You have to determine the reason first that why you are receiving the offers. Credit card companies purchase the information of the people from the credit reporting agencies. This list is made of the people pre-approved for the credit card and the approval is based on particular criteria. So, make sure you do not agree with the mailing list when/if you get the credit report from any credit agency.
  • Call 1-888-5 OPT OUT (or 1-888-567-8688) to opt out: Dial this number and listen to the options carefully to tell the four major credit reporting agencies not to send you junk mail. The four major agencies are Equifax, Innovis, TransUnion, and Experian. This way, you can opt-out for up to five years. You can also request to opt out for the lifetime. If you want to make the request online, then you can do so.
  • Ask the credit card company to stop sending you cash advance checks: Contact your credit card company and ask them not to send cash advance checks. This way you can stop some junk mail. Now, you should not ask how to stop unwanted mail because you know the solutions.

6. Reduce Phone Books:

reduce phone book

  • Pick only one: You may get multiple phone books by different mail carriers, but one book is enough. Thus, all the rest books are useless. So, keep only one phone book of your choice and to stop the rest, follow them to their sources. Many of the phone books you receive have opt-out pages online.
  • Pick none: It’s a better option because most of the yellow pages phone numbers are available online, then it’s not important to keep one. You should opt out entirely. For this, go to Yellow Pages Opt Out and create an account. After that, you will see a list of books for your area. Choose the books which you don’t want to receive.

7. Donate to Few Selected Charities Only:

donate to charity

Charity is a great thing. If you are the one who does charity, then it’s great. There are lots of charities out there and if you wish or love to do so, then only donate to few selected charities because it’s the best exercise. There are lots of charities which sell your information to others, and thus you get solicitation. You don’t need to put many efforts in this.

8. Some More Useful Steps:

You can also do the following things:

  • Write a letter to your local post master and give him/her details about your problem and what you did for that. Ask him/her to stop USPS junk mail. Also, ask him/her to pass your comment or view to the superior.
  • You can also call 800.275.8777 /7 for junk mail removal.
  • Write your concerns to Senators and Representatives.
  • Write a letter containing your dissatisfaction to USPS Consumer Affairs Department and send it to:

Consumer Affairs Policy & Program Development
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW
WA DC 20260-0004


Final Words: A person asked us a question, “how can I stop mail from coming to my house.” So, for him and all the other people who are suffering from the same problem, we tried to give the best possible solutions. We found that people were asking questions to each other on the forum sites about the same things. The questions were like how I can stop getting junk mail? Can I stop junk mail? How do you get rid of junk mail? How to block junk mail, avoid junk mail? etc. So, one thing we should make clear to you that you cannot stop all junk mail because it will make its way to your house somehow, but you can reduce it by following the steps or solutions given in this article. So, try these and let us know which worked for you and how by commenting below.

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