USPS Signature Confirmation | How it Works and its Cost

There are lots of services and mail classes that attract the people to choose the United States Postal Service over other package delivery companies. Its Registered Mail, Certified Mail, Priority Mail, etc. are few of most used services.

Another service that gives USPS customers a sound sleep and a mental peace is the USPS Signature Confirmation service. This article will talk about what this service is, its cost, how does it work, and form that is used for this service.

What is Signature Confirmation?

The USPS provides this service to its customers which means that the recipients of the packages are required to submit their signature as they receive the shipment.

The Signature Confirmation provides the following information to the shippers:

  • The name of the recipient
  • The delivery date of the package
  • The time of the delivery of the package
  • The location of the delivery of the shipment
  • A copy of the recipient‚Äôs signature which can be faxed, mailed, or e-mailed to you as per your request.

As the USPS signature required the signature of the recipient, but if you want to ensure that only a specific or an authorized person should receive the package, then you can use the service of Restricted Delivery along with this Sign. Confirmation service. This will require the recipient of the package to show his ID to the USPS carrier when the USPS person comes to deliver the package.

USPS Signature Confirmation Cost:

This service will cost you $2.90 if you purchase it at a Post Office. If you buy the service electronically by using online postage services, then it will cost you $2.45.

The users can buy it with the following mail classes and services:

  • Priority Mail
  • First Class Mail (packages only)
  • USPS Retail Ground (packages only)
  • Collect on Delivery
  • Restricted Delivery (in the case of COD, Registered Mail, or sum insured for more than $200)
  • Media Mail (packages only)
  • Insured Mail
  • Registered Mail
  • Return Receipt (in the case of COD, Registered Mail, or sum insured for more than $200).

How Does Signature Confirmation Work?

It is easy to use and buy this service. You can add this service to your shipment at the time of mailing. If you are going to send your mail item from the Post Office, then you can buy it at your local Post Office. But, if you are going to send your package electronically, you can add it to your mail piece before you print your postage.

This is how it works:

  • Fill the PS Form 153.
  • Attach the PS Form 153 barcoded label portion to your mail.
  • Confirm whether you want to get a copy of the delivery record by fax or by mail.
  • Pay the fees.

USPS Signature Confirmation Form:

PS Form 153 is used as Sign. Confirmation form that looks like this:

PS Form 153:

Signature Confirmation Form


Though the USPS tracking is enough proof that the USPS has delivered the package of the client to the given address, the service of Signature Confirmation works as an additional proof that the USPS has mailed your package, and the recipient has accepted the same. Now that you know all about this service go on to add this service to your shipment.

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