USPS Restricted Delivery – A Special Service by USPS

There are lots of services for USPS customers. Customers can pick any service according to the requirements. There is a complete solution to every problem of any customer. Sometimes it happens that the sender wants USPS to hand over the mail item to a specific person. In this case, that customer can use the USPS restricted delivery.

If you know about this service, then it’s good and if not, then let’s find out some great features of it.

What is Restricted Delivery?

restricted deliveryUSPS Restricted Delivery refers to an overall authorization of the recipient procedure. The parcel is handed over only to the recipient who has been allowed by the sender to collect the package. Often we use mailings to send documents that are recipient sensitive. At times issues may be legal and at others confidential matter may be the driving force. In the event of any possible causes, when the sender needs the parcel to be received by a specific individual only, our customers may access the restricted delivery service that USPS provides. Let us take a look at how this works.

How Does Restricted Delivery Work?

Restricted delivery aims at providing security as to the nature of the parcel. As such, care is taken that only authorized addressee can access the mail or package.

When a particular shipment is marked as restricted delivery, the recipient needs to provide proof as to the fact that he is the agent/himself indicated on the parcel.

Services in the restricted delivery domain do not guarantee a due delivery date since the service explicitly depends on the availability of the recipient.

In certain exceptional cases, when the addressee is a well-known personality, there are designated agents who receive such shipments. Similar situations occur when a mail addressee is a jailed individual, or high-class government officials, and maybe even minors. Under these circumstances, the addressee may authorize an agent is by filling the PS Form 3801 (standing delivery order) to the concerned post office at the nearest location.

In case joint names are provided as the addressee, all the parties mentioned need to be present at the time of delivering the parcel.

How to Use Restricted Delivery?

The mail piece needs to be explicitly mentioned as ‘Restricted delivery’ at the time of mailing. This special labeling needs to be done on the parcel, towards the right of the return address and above the delivery address.

In case neither of the above are filed, the recipient is entitled to make another person in charge of receiving the mail piece after filling up the ‘attempted delivery’ notice PS form 3849.

This service from the USPS costs about $5.05 per mail piece. It is available only with a few selective mailing services; namely, Collect-On-Delivery, Certified Mail, USPS Insurance (should be higher than $200) or Restricted Mail. It may also be used with most of the available mail classes such as First-Class-Mail, First-Class-Package service, Priority Mail (except for critical mail), Parcel Select Ground and Media Mail.

The correct fee needs to be entered in the form and make sure you check the block on Form 3811 in case you want to request a Return Receipt Service.

In case you want to mark a shipment as restricted after the mailing has been done, you need to write a letter to the postmaster for authorizing a regular delivery of a parcel to a specific agent. To obtain the desired effect, you need to mention explicitly in the letter, the item number, the name and address of the recipient and also the appropriate service fee.

You should also know about the Signature Confirmation service because it might help you in the same case.

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  1. I need to send a PS form 3801 to a delivery post office concerning this address within “Redberry Ridge Portola Valley CA 94028”. There is no post office in Portola Valley itself, but there are several around this region. Which one delivers mails and packages to this address?

    Also, can I fax that form to that post office and expect that it will actually be picked up and dealt with by someone who works there?

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