Certified vs Registered Mail – Difference b/w Certified and Registered Mail

Ever heard of USPS services of Registered mail and Certified mail? Certified and Registered mail are two finest services of USPS. These services are extensively used by the USPS customers all across the country. But, some people often get confused between these two services.

Here, we will talk about what these two services are, and what is the difference between them.

Difference Between Certified and Registered Mail?

Before coming to the registered mail vs. certified mail, let us first talk about these services one by one to have better clarity. We will begin with the Certified Mail service of USPS.

  • Certified Mail: USPS Certified Mail LetterThis service is specially used by the USPS customers who have any crucial, legal or confidential document to send. The customers, who wish to send their important documents to someone safely, and they also wish to get a confirmation of delivery in return, can use the USPS facility of Certified Mail service. This service specializes in handling the consumers who regularly send and receive important legal documents. The postal carrier makes sure that they perform this function most safely and securely. Through this service, the US Postal Service provides a surety that the important documents of the customers will be handled carefully and it will reach its destination safely. When you send a Certified Mail, and when your certified document reaches its destination address, the USPS provides an electronic verification for the same.

A Certified mail normally takes about 3 days to 10 working days for the delivery to happen. These 3 to 10 working days holds true if the customer has sent the certified mail using the First-Class mail delivery. If the customers send the same using the Priority Delivery service, then it will take only 2 to 3 working days for the Certified mail to reach its final address.

  • Registered Mail: USPS Registered MailThe Registered Mail is a service that provides an add-on protection to the customer’s important letters and parcels. If a customer feels that his parcel or letter that he wishes to send is quite critical, and needs an additional security, he can go for the U.S. registered service. US Postal Service provides registered mail service as an additional protection to their clients who require an end-to-end safety of their package and letters in the locked containers. USPS preserves the Registered Mail custody records and are not provided to the customer until they file a claim.

When you send a USPS registered mail, the post office will create a secure chain of custody. This chain aims to track and provide safety to your package at all the points during the transit. As you hand-over your parcel to the USPS, the delivery package passes through a long process of transit starting from the time you drop your package at the Post office at the time of its delivery. USPS registered mail makes sure that your package is protected at all the points of the transit. The registered mail takes a little longer to reach its destination as it provides additional security. It may take 10 to 14 days for your package to reach its address.

What is the difference between registered and certified mail? You can see the differences between these two services by reading about them. But you can also see the difference in points as a summary.

Now coming to the certified vs. registered mail as a summary, below are the differences:

  • Registered mail involves an unbroken chain of custody and uses sealed containers, safes, cages, lock, and the key to protect shipments. But certified mail does not have the protection of this level. It only provides the proof of delivery or the delivery confirmation.
  • A Certified mail provides a mailing receipt, a tracking number, and proof of receipt. The registered mail will charge you a little higher and will provide the services of certified mail along with the additional protection for the packages.
  • Registered mail can only be sent from the post office, while you can send the certified mail from either your office or elsewhere.
  • Certified mail First-class and Certified Mail priority mail deliver the packages within two to three days to maximum 10 days, while the registered mail takes 14 days for delivery.
  • The certified mail provides the customer a receipt for the sender and a copy of the recipient’s signature as a proof of delivery, but a registered mail provides the sender a receipt and the record of his mail’s location in detail.
  • The sender of the certified mail will get the delivery confirmation upon the return of receipt. The registered mail sender will know that his delivery has happened when he tracks his package online.
  • Certified mail costs lesser, while registered mail costs more.
  • Certified mail is sent by regular mail, but registered mail is sent separately.
  • Registered mail is used to send important documents and valuables as it is safer than certified mail.
  • Registered mail includes insurance, but to have an insured certified mail, you will have to pay additionally.

Main Difference between Certified and Registered Mail

– Certified mail is less expensive but has less security, while registered mail is more expensive but has more security.

– Certified mail has a 20-digit tracking code, while registered mail has a 13-digit tracking code.

– Certified mail is handled in an ordinary manner, while registered mail is more protected.

Now, you can decide yourself which service to choose Certified or Registered mail to send your mail or package.

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  1. Do I use both services together… certified and registered?
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