How to Refuse a Shipment, Package, or Mail?

As we know, the most respected postal organization in the United States is US Postal Service that provides a variety of services to its customers. Most of the residents in the U.S. uses the services of USPS. If you are also a USPS customer, then you would have also sent or received mail items and packages through USPS.

USPS has been at its customer’s service for many years, and also serves its customers from all over the world. The customers receive and send mail using different USPS services and different mail classes. But, at times it may happen that your mail or parcel does not arrive at the right time or at the address they have been given. In this scenario, the customers of USPS who track the location of their mail item or parcel through USPS Tracking number, but when they get the delivery, they observe that it is not their mail or package. Yes, at times even the most esteemed organization can be susceptible to mistakes. So, when the customers realize that this is not the package that belongs to them, then they can return the package to the sender. In other words, we can say that the customers can refuse a USPS shipment. Hence, in this case, the customers can refuse a USPS shipment which the United States Postal Service wrongly delivers to them.

Refused PackageAre you now thinking, how to refuse mail or shipment? This process is again a very straightforward process. To know this information, go through the details below.

The customer can refuse the packages or the shipments while delivery or after the delivery. If the USPS has not yet sent you the package and you know that the package does not belong to you, then you need to tell the postal employee or the letter carrier to send it back to the sender of that mail. The second scenario is when the USPS has already sent your package. In this case, you need to write “Refused” on the received mail or package. Then, you need to put this mail or parcel into the mailbox. You can also ask the letter carrier to collect it. This is the simple process of how to refuse mail.



The only thing you need to remember is that “Don’t open the mail or package.” The USPS does not allow some mails and letters for refusal which belong to the categories of collect-on-delivery packages, certified mail, Registered mail, signature-required mail, and return receipt merchandise.

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