How Redelivery Service Handles Different Mail Types

You must be aware of the Redelivery service by USPS. This is the service through which you can schedule redelivery of your mail items that you have missed. Sometimes, we miss our deliveries, and the mail carrier takes the shipment back to the post office. So, you just need to schedule redelivery and USPS will deliver the same item the second time. For more information about this service, you may read our detailed article on USPS Redelivery.

There are lots of questions regarding Redelivery that how redelivery handles different mail types. So, let’s see:

How Does Redelivery Handle Priority Mail Express?

In case no one is available for signing the parcel receipt, or if a specific signature required for parcel delivery is unavailable, a letter carrier is unable to deliver the parcel. Also, in case, ‘waiver of signature’ is not permitted, the package is unable to be provided by the respective carrier. In such an event, a carrier is allowed to leave a PS Form 3849.

It must be noted that no redelivery occurs in case of a Priority mailing after the first attempt has been made.

In case the customer does not schedule the redelivery, or the item is not availed by a personal visit to the post office, a second PS Form 3849 is left on the third calendar date post the first attempt.

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If the item is not retrieved by the end of 5 business days from the date of the first attempt, the parcel is returned to the sender.

How does Redelivery Handle Accountable Mail (Items Requiring a Signature)?

If a recipient is unavailable at the first attempt, the letter carrier is entitled to leave a PS Form 3849 on that very first day. This form is supposed to be interpreted as an instruction to collect the parcel from the post office on the next business day. The addressee may even ask for redelivery. However, this may be done upon request and not as an automatic service. Post 5 days, another notice is left.

The item is held by the post office for usually 15 days, depending on the specific service. If unclaimed after this period, the article will be sent back to the sender.

How does Redelivery Handle an Ordinary Mailpiece (Item with No Extra Services)?

If the mail to be delivered is an ordinary parcel and delivery fails in the first attempt due to the absence of the receiver, a second effort is made on the next business day. Unlike Priority Mail Express, no form is left when a carrier does not encounter a receiver on the first attempt. In case the parcel is not delivered even on the second attempt, i.e., the next working day, a PS Form 3849 is left at the address. This form is supposed to indicate that the post office has held your parcel.

In case the carrier is aware that at a particular address, no one is usually available for collecting parcels, a PS Form 3849 is completed and left at the very first attempt. Additional attempts would be made only at the request of the mailer.

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What type of Accountable and Non-Accountable Mail Mailpieces Receive a Redelivery Notice?

An accountable mail is supposed to receive a signature or a fee-payment upon delivery of the letter. A redelivery notice is thus obtained for the following;

• Adult signature

• Insured mail

• Collect on delivery

Registered mail

Certified mail items

Signature confirmation service

Restricted delivery option

Domestic Priority Mail option

Return Receipt service

• Return receipt for merchandise

Nonaccountable letters can be dropped by the carrier if he deems it to be safe even without a signature. This correspondence includes;

• Perishable items

USPS tracking items

• Uninsured packages

• Insured mail

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