Put your Mail on Hold During Vacations with USPS

We receive mail from USPS more often. The US Postal Service delivers mail and packages to almost every single household in the US. So, if you have any plan for vacations or you have any business meeting out of town, then you can easily put your mail on hold without any tension.

In holding our mail, USPS mail hold service is helping us. This service let the customers hold their mail for 30 days for free, and if anyone wants to hold mail for more than 30 days, then there is also a solution for this. In that case, you may use the Premium Forwarding Service. It will cost you a little bit, but it’s great. If you want your mail to be held not more than 30 days, then normal hold mail request will work for you.

There are various ways to submit the hold mail request, but which will you choose? Let’s go through some of the most used methods to submit the request.

Online method is very easy and fast if you don’t want to waste your time. All you need to do is visit the USPS main site. There, select the “Hold Mail” option under the category Track & Manage. Since hold mail request is not available for every address or in every area, you need to verify first. Find out whether your address is eligible for hold mail request or not by entering some details like your name, full address, etc. If it shows that hold mail service is available in your area or at your address, then the next option will enable itself.

You need to select the hold mail starting and ending date. Also, choose the method to pick up all the accumulated mail after the end date of the hold mail request. You can also add some information or detail in the empty box below. At last, just submit the request.

You can also visit your local post office where you can fill the hold mail form, PS Form 8076. Fill that form and hand over to the clerk. You will get a confirmation number in return. Keep that confirmation number with you because it will help you to edit, view, or cancel the request anytime.

Calling the customer service number of USPS, 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) will also help you in submitting the request. Give all the required details to the customer service representative, and he/she will hold your mail on your behalf. You will get the confirmation number also from there. Keep it with yourself for future you.

At any time, you can view, change, or cancel this request through the confirmation number you received after submitting the request. You can do this online, at the post office, or over the phone. If the service hasn’t started yet, then you can change the starting and the ending dates of the request, and if the service is running, then you can only change the end date of it.

These are few but most used methods by a huge number of customers to put the mail on hold. You can also pick any of these. You can also download the USPS Mobile app. It just works as the shortcut, but you can give that a try. It’s mostly used for USPS change of address service, tracking, ship online, schedule pickup, etc.

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  1. So … USPS ” delivers mail to nearly every household in the US ” -Every one except those 73 years old, crippled and disabled -” THEY ( the local Postmaster ” ANSWERS TO NO ONE ESP. NOT ME”-
    Instead , of representing that I live ( where they moved my bix) 3/4 miles from My home -They /He relates to His Superiors that I live. 1 1/2 miles away which disallows Me for medical consideration -When this argument fails He/They claim the road “is Dangerouse “in spite of Law Inforcement-Municiple Officials and even other USPS Employees contradict this and that I recieved Mail down this road for years -SO, USPS WILL HOLD YOUR MAIL( at least mine) WHEN EVER THEY WANT TO : The one time that I asked … They delivered my medical supplies anyway and they froze !!!-THANK YOU USPS and Ms Brennan

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