What is a “Your Mailbox Needs Attention” Form (PS Form 4056)?

PS Form 4056 or “Your Mailbox Needs Attention” form is used to tell or notify the customers that your mailbox is not working well or there is something wrong with your mailbox/receptacle. This form is prepared by the postmasters. In this form, you will find the reason(s) that why it is sent to you. There are 19 reasons for that, and you can see those reasons in the form below. Some of the common reasons are:

  • Your box is not an approved box
  • The door needs attention
  • Your box is not waterproof
  • The signal flag needs attention
  • Your box is too near the road
  • Your box should face the road
  • A new post for your box should be provided

One of these may be a reason you got this form. If none of these 19 reasons matches the actual problem or fault, then the poster will write the fault in front of 20th reason. The postmaster will also give you a date, and you should correct the faults before that date if you don’t want your delivery service to be suspended.

Few instructions are given on the back side of the form. So, you should also read those instructions for getting the best delivery service from USPS.

PS Form 4056 looks like this:


PS Form 4056 Front


PS Form 4056 back

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