What is USPS Proof of Delivery and How to Get it?

At times when the customer asks USPS to deliver their mails and packages to the other party, the senders of the mail ask the USPS for a document of Proof of Delivery (POD). They demand a POD to be sure that USPS has delivered their packages.

In this article, we will talk about what is proof of delivery, how to get it, what mail classes provide it, and how does it look. So, let us get started:

What is Proof of Delivery?

A Proof of Delivery is a confirmation from the sender that he or she has received the mail item or the parcel. This proof can be a letter or mail. This letter or mail may have some information like the name of the recipient, the address of the recipient, the picture of the recipient’s signature along with his printed name and address. Sometimes, a POD can be just a link that tells the sender about the delivery of this information.

How to get Proof of Delivery?

The only guarantee of the delivery is the signature of the recipient. To get the POD, the customers need to demand a signature proof. Then the letter carrier will ask the recipient for his signature when he delivers the mail to him. This is how the customers can avail this service.

What Mail Classes Provide It?

This service of USPS is free. The customers need not pay anything for using the POD. The USPS Priority Mail Express service and Signature Confirmation provides this service.

For the Priority Mail Express, USPS offers this service as mentioned below:

  • Individual requests or single requests are given by email and USPS offers it electronically.
  • For the Priority Mail Express Manifesting service users, USPS provides a bulk proof of delivery

For the Signature Confirmation, USPS offers this service as mentioned below:

  • Individual requests or single requests are given by email or fax by article number.
  • The customers of Signature Confirmation service who use electronic option or privately printed extra service labels, USPS offers bulk POD to them. The customers can retrieve the signature data in the signature extract file formats or from the CD-ROM. Also, the users of Priority Mail Express Manifesting service can also get this bulk proof of delivery through signature extract file or email.

How to Get Signature Proof of Delivery?

To get the Signature POD, you will have to request a receipt. To request a receipt, you need to:

  • Log in to the main site of USPS which is www.usps.com
  • Press “Tracking” option which is given under Quick Tools.
  • Write down the Label ID in the blank field
  • Click the Find button.
  • Click on See Details.
  • Click on Proof of Delivery link which is given under Features
  • Fill the necessary information.

How Does Proof of Delivery Look Like?

The POD will look like this:

Proof of Delivery Or Confirmation Letter



Though, USPS Tracking is a reliable service that USPS offers and the USPS customers can easily track their mail items. Using this facility, you can track your parcel end-to-end. The USPS provides a tracking number on the receipt to its customers using which one can easily locate where their package is lying. Still, some people wish to have a proof of delivery as a confirmation of the delivery of their packages.

But, this service is not available in every state or the city of US. Still, this service is available in as many as 50 states, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. But, the USPS does not offer this service to the other United States Territories and Possessions. If the customers want to send mail items or packages to a foreign country, then this service will not be available. You can contact the USPS Customer Service to know more about it.

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