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As you know, the USPS offers different mail classes to its customers who want to send their mail and packages. The customer can choose a mail class depending on his need. If the customer is not in hurry and the package he wishes to send is not so confidential or critical, then he can go for the standard mailing. But if the customer wishes to mail his letter or package urgently to a destination, then he must use one of the mail classes such as the Priority Mail Express.

Let us learn all about this domestic service here.

What is Priority Mail Express?

USPS Priority Mail ExpressIf a customer is looking for a guaranteed way to ship his documents and parcels to a specific destination in a short time, then USPS Priority Mail Express is the best option for him. It can send your package overnight or in one to two days only. Priority Mail Express 2-day is one of the most attractive services. It is available for delivery on any day of the year, which includes weekends of Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays as well.

Do you know that USPS is the only shipping carrier that works overnight and which is permitted to deliver the packages to a P.O. Box address? To clarify you more on this, the other package delivery companies like UPS and FedEx, are not allowed to deliver packages to the boxes in the Post Office.

The thing to note here is that just in case the US Postal Service fails to deliver your package on time, they will refund you the entire money. You can use this USPS Express Mail service to send the items that are less than 70 pounds in weight. The packages can be sent to any address of the United States. It also includes an insurance worth of $100 and $200 in the case of international shipments, along with the delivery tracking service, free of any charge.

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The pricing of the overnight mail delivery is based on the zone. Total, there are 9 zones in the country of the United States. The rates of this mail class depend on the distance between the original package location and the final delivery address. The prices of this service are a little higher than other services. For example, the prices of the USPS priority mail express begin at $23.75 and more. You may also have to incur some extra fees to use the overnight express mail as the extra charges may apply for the packages that must be delivered on Sundays or public holidays.

Some features of this domestic service include:

  • The Package Pickup service at your home or office with this mail class is free of charge.
  • With this service, you can expect overnight delivery by 10:30 am, and on a Sunday or holiday also, in most of the markets for an additional charge.
  • The price of this service is inclusive of the proof of delivery, signature record if you request the same at the time of booking.
  • The price is also inclusive of the tracking information – USPS Tracking service.
  • Also comes along with the $100 of insurance with most of the shipments.

How Does Priority Mail Express Work?

When you decide to send your package through the USPS Priority Mail Express, then the first thing you need to do is to label the package with pre-printed stickers or boxes from USPS. It is done to make sure that the packages arrive at their final address at the earliest. USPS provides the Priority Mail Express Flat Rate envelopes and boxes, free of cost. These Flat Rate envelopes and boxes contain the Priority Mail Express symbols. Even the stickers of this service are also available for free. You can also buy some other additional services of the USPS like COD, Return Receipt, etc. for shipping your package.

The users can send small envelopes using this domestic service, which is not advised, as the form needed is generally bigger than the envelope in size. This can cause separation between the two during the delivery process. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you must leave the small letter into a bigger pre-printed Priority Mail Express envelope. It will make sure that your mail will reach safely.

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Priority Mail Express Delivery Time:

Is priority mail express overnight? Yes, it is. The express postal service charges are high only because it takes minimal time to send your package. With this USPS express shipping time, you can send your package anywhere in the United States in just one to two days maximum. The packages may also reach overnight. Isn’t this incredible?

Hence, USPS express mail delivery time is unbeatable. Another good news is that your package can reach on Sundays or public holidays as well. It is the fastest domestic service of USPS with limited exceptions. This service is also available for 365 days a year. It also offers the money back guarantee and ships to most of the U.S. addresses. You can also check the Shipping Times for various USPS services.

Priority Mail Express Cost:

The prices of the Priority Mail Express have increased by 3.9% in the year 2018. A 1 lb. package going to Zone 8 using it can cost you $35.04 in the year 2018 as compared $33.76 in the year 2017.

Priority Mail Express rates (increase in rates) for the commercial base in the year 2018 is mentioned in the table below:

Weight of the PackageZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5Zone 6Zone 7Zone 8Zone 9
0.5 lbs.$0.80$0.80$0.80$0.83$0.90$0.97$1.03$1.09$1.33
1 lbs.$0.80$0.80$0.84$1.01$1.13$1.17$1.24$1.28$1.57
2 lbs.$0.80$0.80$0.90$1.10$1.23$1.28$1.36$1.41$1.72
3 lbs.$0.80$0.80$0.94$1.24$1.42$1.48$1.57$1.61$1.97
4 lbs.$0.80$0.80$1.00$1.32$1.61$1.67$1.77$1.81$2.21
5 lbs.$0.84$0.84$1.12$1.41$1.72$1.88$1.96$2.01$2.46

Hope, now you have got the cost to overnight a letter.

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Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Products:

The Priority Express Mail Flat Rate products have also witnessed the rate increase in the year 2018. The increased price depends on the kind of envelope. The price may range from $0.80 to $0.82 per envelope.

The items can be shipped either in the standard boxes or in a flat rate box, which is available at the retail locations and also available online. Only the USPS express envelope which is labeled as Priority Mail Express Flat Rate will be eligible for the Priority Mail Express Flat Rate pricing. The outside of the envelope will bear the Priority Mail Express Flat Rate service printed on the surface.

The priority mail express flat rate envelope 2018 (Commercial Base Pricing) is as per the table given below:

Type of Envelope2017 Price2018 PriceDimensionsGood for...
Flat Rate Envelope$21.18 commercial base
$23.75 at Post Office (retail & online)
$21.98 commercial base
$24.70 at Post Office (retail & online)
12 1/2" x 9 1/2"Documents
Padded Flat rate Envelope$21.64 commercial base
$24.45 at Post Office (retail & online)
$22.46 commercial base
$25.40 at Post Office (retail & online)
12 1/2" x 9 1/2"Clothing
Boxed Jewelry
Legal Flat rate Envelope$21.28 commercial base
$23.95 at Post Office (retail & online)
$22.09 commercial base
$24.90 at Post Office (retail & online)
15" x 9 1/2"Legal Documents

Priority Mail Express Box:

Below is the table for the express mail prices (at Post Office (retail & online)) for the Priority mail express boxes:

Boxes2017 Price2018 PriceIncrease in 2018
Priority Mail Express (0.5 lb.)$23.75 and up$24.70 and up$0.95
Priority Mail Express Flat Rate BoxDiscontinuedDiscontinuedN/A

It is all about the prices and the express post delivery times. Do make sure to save your tracking number to check the status of your priority express shipment anytime.

The Priority Mail Express tracking number looks like this –

9270 1000 0000 0000 0000 00
EA 000 000 000 US

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