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Missed your mail or package by USPS? Well, you don’t have to worry at all. USPS has curated the solution to every problem and provided an alternate for this one too. This article will talk about the USPS redelivery, how to schedule the same, USPS redelivery form, how to cancel and modify the redelivery request, and who is authorized to schedule and accept your USPS redelivery. So, let’s start with the first one:

What’s USPS Redelivery?

In case you have missed your mail by USPS, you don’t have to get bothered, because USPS will deliver the package or mail for the second time for you, which is called, “USPS Redelivery.” All you need to do is to schedule a re-delivery and voila! You will receive your package as you have never missed it before.

Let us get to know the process in a more detailed manner. So, let’s find out how we can schedule a redelivery:

Schedule a Redelivery:

If you have missed your mail the first time, you can schedule the redelivery online. You would have received a peach colored slip, also called as PS Form 3849, from your carrier. This slip will help you look up your items and reschedule delivery.

To have the redelivery on the same day you have missed it, you must raise USPS redelivery request and submit the same maximum by 2 AM CST between the days Monday to Saturday. In case the redelivery is not available in your ZIP Code, you will be required to check the same with your local Post Office. They will help you provide the necessary pickup information.

USPS Redelivery Form:

PS Form 3849 is used as redelivery form. This form will help you to place your request. The USPS redelivery form is attached here:

PS Form 3849 Front:

PS Form 3849

PS Form 3849 Back:

PS Form 3849 back

Other than this, the form asks you about your article number. The article number is the one which is written on the slip left by your carrier. This article number helps the USPS to locate your items. Another thing it asks you “When did we try delivering it”? Here, USPS wishes to know how many times they have tried to deliver the mail to you. You need to mark the checkbox if this is your final delivery notice. Lastly, the form will ask you “When do you want to get your items”? There, you need to enter the option of how you want to get your mail and the date to get your mail. You can also put some additional instructions in the given space in the form.

How to Cancel/Modify Redelivery Request?

You would have received a USPS redelivery confirmation email at the time of placing the Redelivery order. This is the confirmation number you must have in case you wish to modify your request raised at USPS. The further process is as follows:

Edit Redelivery Request

  • You need to click the link called “Edit this request.”
  • Alternatively, you can also go to Redelivery Service and select “Edit an existing redelivery request.”
  • You will then view a series of prompts where you can make the desired changes
  • If you need some more guidance on this, you may also refer to “Changing/Cancelling a Redelivery Order” which you can view in the Redelivery visual aid.
  • If you have an account, you can log-in to your account and view your Activity History. There, you will find the Redelivery from the list of previous orders. Click on ”View Details” and then follow the prompts.

You can also modify or cancel the Redelivery request via telephone. If you have your Redelivery Confirmation Number, you can call on the number 1-800-275-8777 and change or cancel your Post-Redelivery order. The customer service representatives will help you cancel/modify your order.

The availability status of the customer service representatives is as follows:

Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm ET

Saturday: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET

Sundays: Closed

Holidays: Closed

But, the automated information is available 24 hours per day on all the days of a week

You can also collect your mail or package in person. When USPS has not made your redelivery, or you have not ordered your item for redelivery, you can also go to your local Post Office carrying a photo ID and pick up your mail or package. Doing so will automatically cancel your scheduled Redelivery.

Who is Authorized to Schedule or Accept My Redelivery?

If you are not present at your home most of the time to pick your post office redelivery, then you can authorize someone to pick your USPS mail. The authorized person can schedule and accept a redelivery. You can authorize a person for accepting and scheduling redelivery if that person belongs to the addressee’s family or is the agent of the addressee or is the employee of the addressee. But they can only accept and schedule redelivery if they are able to provide essential information regarding the redelivery.



Now that you know, you can never miss your package by USPS; you can stay calm and relaxed. The process of USPS package redelivery is profusely simple and convenient. You can also call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) for any help.

Scheduling a redelivery is an easy job which takes not more than a few minutes. All you need to do is to raise the USPS redelivery request. There is a redelivery form available on the website of USPS. You are required to fill in the asked details correctly, and you are done. To add more, you will also be able to view USPS redelivery tracking which will make you aware of the delivery status of your package anytime you wish to see.

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  1. Ya not seeing any letter to resend the first time and only time that y’all since I got the little piece of paper was on the first third months like 2018 delivered a package or tried to deliver a package yet now yeah I’ll get a SSI check on the 1st of every month and my check is still not here I ain’t worried about this package whatever you got y’all supposed to deliver my mail on the 1st it should have a check and I have to go the carrier to make sure she checked on it when she got back and she said she didn’t have my check now. To let you know y’all service sucks and y’all need to shit together I don’t know what this fucking a piece of paper is that you sent me fuck that piece of paper I want my fucking check

  2. I received a ‘sorry we missed you’ form dated 3-9-18 on March 10.
    After trying a number of redelivery sites I found this one which
    actually took the information.
    This site tells me that my mail was delivered on March 10 and
    signed for by a F Smoot. I have no idea who F. Smoot is.
    What should I do now?
    tracking #:5293 0576 5269 0328
    Thank you.

  3. I had a letter delivered which needed a signature. I live at Freedom Plaza, Sun City Center, Fl..33573. I left the slip of paper in the mailbox, but the letter carrier left it in the box. I have not received this letter. Please deliver it to the front desk, for us to pick up. Article # 5293 0571 8815 8903. It was delivered on Oct. 22.
    Ruth Brandt

  4. This is the first time I have done this so I hope I’m doing this correctly, I have signed and printed my name and address on the 3849 that was left 1-14-19. The two packages that were notified are from the VAMC. If these could be redelivered 1-15-19 or 1-16-19, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Have a great day. Address is 1223 N. 31st. St. 80904

  5. Good afternoon,I miss a letter from USCIS since yesterday morning , nobody wasn t home and i want tell us i should be come pick up it tommorow , please kept it for me , and then i return the notice paper yesterday in the evening by a mail man he takes it yesterday and i don t receive anything yet , please kept it for me i will be pick up it tomorrow . Thank you

  6. I have attempted to arrange to pick up the letter at the post office. Unfortunately your system was directing me to go to Pacoima and the notice of pick up location at the time of attempted delivery was Burbank Main Office where we always conduct business.

    I am going to need to send an employee to do the pick up…..If it is possible to get this matter resolved. I am told that I am giving the wrong # – which is very clear at 5293 0594 0964 4615. Your office says there is no such number. I had hoped they would attempt another delivery today………since I am already trapped at home, but cannot talk with anyone regarding that either.

    I am sitting on an hour long wait to see if anyone will communicate or whether I will be cut off. (No longer look forward to taking the survey at the end of the call)

  7. How is it even possible to determine whether my issues have been sent? I have only been waiting for a possible real person for 33 min 56 sec. so far.

    I AM NOT GOING TO GO TO PACOIMA TO TRY TO PICK UP THIS MAIL – when I am already being incorrectly redirected to the wrong post office – but who knows. It may have been sent from Burbank to Pacoima for some reason known to who knows whom.

  8. I’m trying to get a package redelivery since 1/25/19. I’ll leave the signed notice in the screen door again. If you need more information please ring bell until answered. Regards, Gerre Bolton

  9. please just re-deliver my package i don’t have time to study your curated version.
    my package was not left at PO box because office was closed due to power outage power is now back. just get me my package!

    5293 0569 3380 9947

  10. My parcel is at
    Homecrest Post Office
    2370 East 19 Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11229-9997
    Parcel # 0122
    Please Redeliver to me
    Henry Pool
    3301 Nostrand Avenue
    Apt. 5-A
    Brooklyn, NY 11229-3760
    Home Phone: 1-347-462-9950
    Cell Phone: 1-718-419-0137

  11. Sorry I missed your delivery yesterday. Please redeliver my letter asap. Code # 5293 0582 7474 5816
    I will tape the signed USPS form on my front door. My letter can be left inside the screen of the front door or my mailbox. I hope I am correctly doing this.
    Thank you,
    Maureen O’Neill (
    605 South Grand Avenue, apt. M
    Pullman WA 99163

  12. Your redelivery page does not work. or

    I need a package redelivered to my address.
    Jason Brooks
    410 County Line Rd
    Dothan, AL 36305

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