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Is The Monday After Easter A Holiday?

Orthodox Easter Monday

According to some Orthodox Christian churches of the United States, Orthodox Easter Monday is the day after Orthodox Easter.  Orthodox Easter occurs on Sunday that’s why Orthodox Easter Monday occurs on Monday. According to people’s belief, this day is celebrated because of Jesus Christ resurrection. This day is also known as new Monday, bright Monday and renewal Monday.

Is Orthodox Easter Monday a Public Holiday?

Orthodox Easter Monday falls on the same day as Confederate Memorial Day, which is a public holiday in Mississippi. Orthodox Easter Monday is observed as an official holiday in some countries like Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, and Ukraine. Business and schools may be closed on that Day, but Orthodox Easter Monday is not a public holiday for the people living in  the United States. Orthodox Easter Monday is not a federal holiday in some countries like Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. You can see the list of federal holidays of USA below:

Sr. No.DateFederal HolidayDay of the Week
1January 1, 2019New Year's DayTuesday
2January 21, 2019Martin Luther King DayMonday
3February 18, 2019Presidents' Day*Monday
4May 27, 2019Memorial Day Monday
5July 4, 2019Independence DayThursday
6September 2, 2019Labor DayMonday
7October 14, 2019Columbus DayMonday
8November 11, 2019Veterans DayMonday
9November 28, 2019Thanksgiving DayThursday
10December 25, 2019Christmas DayWednesday

Orthodox Easter Monday is known as Bright Monday. Bright Monday falls on the bright week. Bright week starts from Easter Sunday which is a 7-day period of Easter. For Orthodox Christians, it’s not the time for mourning, it is a time to be happy.

What Do People Do on Orthodox Easter Monday?

In countries such as Greece, it is a much more relaxed day rather than other days when people prepare to resume their work. For some people, it’s a day on which they finish their leftover easter meals that were not eaten the day before the Orthodox Easter Monday.

Orthodox Easter Monday falls for Orthodox Christians in many parts of the United States. Liturgies along with priest sprinkle holy water everywhere in the church, ring bells, and children participate in the whole process by holding some religious icons.

Some Orthodox Churches observed and decided the easter day according to that calendar which they are using since centuries. Many Orthodox Churches decided the Easter period according to Julian Calendar. Even they follow different dates of Easter period as compared to the western churches.

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