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USPS M-bag is a way to send books and other printed material internationally to a single addressee. Its rates depend on the weight. Postage bags or M-Bags are an economical way that the students often use to send their books etc.

Let us get to know more about it.

What is M-bag Service?

USPS M BagM bags are the direct sacks of printed matter which can be sent to a single foreign addressee at a particular destination address. These shipping bags are nothing but canvas bags which can be used for sending printed items, like books or advertising materials.

Some features of M bag include:

  • It is an economical way chosen by the international students who go to school in the U.S. and need an inexpensive way to send their books home.
  • You can add the extra services along with it. Use the International Postage Price Calculator for checking the availability.
  • The only items which can be sent via M-bags are Printed matter such as newspapers, books, sheet music, magazines, journals, catalogs, commercial advertising, directories, and promotional matters.
  • It may not be registered or insured.
  • The dimensions and weight Limits for M-bags are summarized below:
  • M-bags are 4 feet in length and 36 inches in diameter.
  • There is no minimum weight of M-bag, but even if your M bag is less than 11 pounds, then also you will have to pay for at least, 11pound postage price.
  • The maximum weight of M bag can be 66 pounds,
  • These limits can change in the case of some countries.
  • You can also send M-bags to PO Boxes.
  • Items must be kept in some individual packages and not directly in the USPS M bag sack. It must also bear the name of both the sender and the recipient along with their delivery information.
  • The package sent in the M-bag must be labeled as “Postage Paid – M-bag.”
  • You can get the sacks and the mailing tags that are required for the M-bag entry, at the local Post Office.
  • To know more about M bag, you can read International Mail Manual (IMM) Sect. 260.
  • M-bags, if undeliverable, are sent back to the sender.

The Delivery Time of M bags:

There are three kinds of M-bags:

  • Airmail M-bags
  • International Priority Airmail (IPA)
  • International Surface Airlift (ISAL)

What is an International M-bag?

An international M bag is a canvas bag which is used for mailing the printed items. M-Bags can also be understood as the direct sacks of printed matter which are sent to a specific foreign addressee at a single address.

How to Use an International M-bag?

The users who want to ship their printed material through M bag will need a PS Form 2976 customs declaration. They need to submit their customs data electronically when the mail items are paid with a permit imprint.

How Much Does it Cost to Mail an International M-bag?

You need to find out the price of an International M-bag. For doing so, follow the process given below:

  • Visit the following link:
  • Choose your country from the given list.
  • Scroll down or “Ctrl + F” to search a section named as ‘Airmail M-bags’ and recognize the Price Group, which will be from 1-9.
  • CLICK HERE to know the relevant rate for the Price Group.

Here is the table for Airmail M bag prices:

Price GroupWeight Not Over 11 PoundsAdditional cost Per Pound

Additional Information:

Airmail M bags are the most economical way to send the humongous quantity of printed materials internationally. The prices range from $46.20 at a Post Office.

The rules and restrictions of M bags include:

  • You can send printed material like journals, newspapers, magazines, books, sheet music, directories, commercial advertising catalogs, and promotional matter with M bags.
  • The maximum weight of M bags can be 66 lbs.
  • There is no fixed minimum weight, but any M-Bag which is less than 11 lbs., will be priced at the 11 lb. price.
  • M-Bag international must be sent with a customs form.
  • Some countries may have their own prohibitions and restrictions.

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