Does the Mail Run Today or is there Mail Delivery Today?

USPS is the most trustworthy name in the industry of package delivery or postal services companies. It has always maintained the reputation of being the forerunner in executing their jobs. All the services and mail classes that USPS offers are specially curated to fulfill the needs of the customers. You may also find some exceptional add-on services by USPS too that helps the customers beyond their imagination. And all of this at an economical cost, what else would someone want?

If you are wondering does the mail run today or not, then go through the details below.

Is There Mail Delivery Today?

is there mail today

For the convenience of the customers and to make sure that the customer does not face any delay in his important or regular mails, even for a day, the USPS works all the 365 days of the year. So, if your question is there mail today, then undoubtedly the answer is Yes, there is mail delivery today, and you will soon receive your mails and parcels before the day ends. This is because USPS works on all the days of the year from Monday to Saturday. But for that, you need to see which mail class the sender chose to send the mail item.

The only exception is for the Post Office Holidays and Sundays. If it is a Sunday today or it is a Post Office holiday today, then you might not receive your mail today. However, there is an exception to it as well. If the package has been shipped using the Priority Mail Express service, then you will be able to receive the packages even on a Sunday or a holiday. This is because USPS Priority Mail Express mail items or packages are delivered all 365 days of year irrespective of the fact that there is a holiday or it is a Sunday. Amazon packages are also delivered on Sundays. You may also read more about the USPS Sunday Delivery.

So, if you are expecting a mail today and today is not a holiday or Sunday, then you will definitely receive your package. But, if it is a holiday or Sunday and the package has not been sent using the Priority Mail Express mail class, then we are afraid to tell you that you will not receive your standard package today. The delivery of all the packages except Priority Mail Express happens from Monday to Saturday.

Other than the question that is there mail service today, the next question must have been coming to your mind would be that how do I know whether today is a holiday or not, so don’t worry because the list of the USPS federal holidays also known as Post Office Holidays for the year 2018 for your reference is here:

  • New Year’s Day – 1st January
  • Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. – 15th January
  • Washington’s Birthday – 19th February
  • Memorial Day- 28th May
  • Independence Day- 4th July
  • Labor Day- 3rd September
  • Columbus Day- 8th October
  • Veterans Day- 12th November
  • Thanksgiving Day- 22nd November
  • Christmas Day- 25th December

You can also see the same holidays in the table format below:

Sr. No.DateWeek DayHoliday
1.January – 1MondayNew Year’s Day
2.January – 15MondayMartin Luther King Jr. birthday
3.February – 19MondayWashington’s birthday
4.May – 28MondayMemorial Day
5.July – 4WednesdayIndependence Day
6.September – 3MondayLabor Day
7.October – 8MondayColumbus Day
8.November – 12MondayVeterans’ Day *
9.November – 22ThursdayThanksgiving Day
10.December – 25TuesdayChristmas Day

So, as you can see, there are no more than ten days in the year 2018 when the postal office will not deliver a shipment. Most of these holidays are in accordance with the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. This act has moved some holidays from a fixed date to designated Mondays for the federal employees. It was specially made this way to allow an increased number of weekends for the USPS employees. For example, the Veterans Day is observed on November 12, but here the Veterans Day is on November 11th. It is just because if any federal holiday happens to be on Saturday, then it is observed on a preceding day which is Friday. If the federal holiday happens to be on Sunday, then it is observed on the following day which is Monday.

Now that you know is the mail running today let us proceed to the timings of mail delivery.

What Time Does the Mail Come Today?

USPS Delivery hoursUSPS delivery hours or the USPS time are mostly fixed. But at times, the delivery hours may vary as the route may get busy or when the volume of the mails is too much to handle.

The mail delivery time of some USPS mail classes are mentioned here:

  • All the mails, packages, and parcels to the recipients are delivered before 5 pm.
  • USPS delivers the Priority Mail Express items by mostly 10:30 am
  • All the domestic express mail items are delivered before 12 pm.
  • All the international shipments get delivered to the customers before 3 pm.

Normally, the mail delivery time of the PO Box starts at 8:30 am. The post office delivery times are:

  • PO Sterrett timing is 10:00 am from Monday to Saturday. It is closed on Sundays.
  • The delivery timing of Westover is 9:00 am from Monday to Saturday. Westover is also closed on Sundays.
  • Alpine PO delivery time is 10:00 am from Monday to Saturday. Alpine does not work on Sundays.
  • The delivery timing for the PO Harpersville is 09:30 am from Monday to Saturday. It is also closed on Sundays.
  • The delivery timing for the Vincent is 10:00 am from Monday to Saturday. Vincent also keeps an off on Sundays.

What days of the week does the post office deliver mail?

The post office delivers regular mail Monday through Saturday, but you should be aware that during some times when your local office is experiencing high volumes they might choose to deliver on Sundays as well. In addition, there are a few Federal holidays scattered throughout the year which means no letters or packages will leave their facility on those days. Additionally, some Amazon packages come with a guarantee of delivery no matter what day you buy from!

Is there any mail delivery on flag day?

Yes, postal delivery occurs on June 14, Flag Day. Flag Day is not a national holiday, so USPS generally does not take the day off, and mail will be delivered unless June 14th falls on a Sunday, when USPS generally does not deliver.

 In addition to flying the POW-MIA flag on specially designated days throughout the year, Postal Service facilities are required to fly the POW-MIA flag below the American flag every day. The flag honors all of the brave men and women who have made sacrifices for their country in times of war or conflict, including those who have been held as prisoners or listed as missing in action. 

So whether you are sending letters and packages to loved ones far away or simply enjoying all that your local postal service has to offer, remember that even on this special day, USPS is working hard to support our troops and keep our communities connected.

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