Is there Mail on Veterans Day or the Post Offices Open on Veterans Day?

There are several things in our daily life that rely on postal services. If we want to send our package, mail, or any valuable document, then we choose package delivery services which deliver our mail and packages. Although there are several package delivery companies in the US, people prefer USPS, FedEx, and UPS over other shipping companies. These are considered as the biggest companies in shipping. Out of these three, most of the people choose USPS because of its cheaper rates. If anyone uses the services offered by USPS, then it will cost them low as compared to other companies’ services.

Many of the small businesses rely on the package delivery companies, and if there is a holiday, then they plan or schedule their delivery according to the holiday. We are here to know about the post office delivery status on one of the federal holidays, “Veterans Day.”

There are many questions regarding Veterans Day. People or we can say the customers of the USPS and other package delivery companies want to know – Is the post office open on Veterans Day or does the mail run on Veterans Day? There are lots of questions just like that. So, we’ll find out the answer to these questions in this article. Let’s start with the first question:

Is Veterans Day a National Holiday?

If you have the same question that is Veterans Day a federal holiday or national holiday, then let us tell you that Yes! Veterans Day is a national or federal holiday. Along with Veterans Day, there are nine other federal holidays in the year 2017. You can see the list of federal holidays below:

Sr. No.DateHoliday
1.Monday, January 2New Year’s Day
2.Monday, January 16Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
3.Monday, February 20Washington’s Birthday
4.Monday, May 29Memorial Day
5.Tuesday, July 4Independence Day
6.Monday, September 4Labor Day
7.Monday, October 9Columbus Day
8.Friday, November 10Veterans Day
9.Thursday, November 23 Thanksgiving Day
10.Monday, December 25Christmas Day

You can see that Veterans Day is a national holiday and it is observed on November 10 by the government of the US. It’s because most of the federal employees work from Monday to Friday, and when a holiday falls on the weekend, then that holiday is observed on the closest regular workday. If the holiday falls on Saturday, then it is observed on the preceding Friday, and if it falls on Sunday, then observed on following Monday (5 U.S.C. 6103 (b)(2)).

What is Closed on Veterans Day?

If you want to know what offices are closed on Veterans day, then you should know that most of the businesses, non-essential government offices, and public services are closed on this Day. Maybe they will work on a different schedule. Here is a guide to what is open, what is closed, or running with different working hours:

  • Most Government Offices: Most of the local, state and federal government offices are closed on Veterans Day. There may be an exception for the health-and-safety workers.
  • Schools: Almost all the public school and universities will be closed on this day. You should call for hours.
  • Libraries: Many Libraries will be closed. You should call for hours.
  • Post Offices: Post offices will be closed on this day, and no regular or standard mail delivery will take place except Priority Mail Express. You can read more below.
  • Banks and Credit Unions:  All the branches of banks and credit unions will be closed, though many of the in-store branches will be open.
  • Metro Transit Buses: Most of the Metro Transit buses operate on reduced schedules.
  • Washington State Ferries: Washington State Ferries will run on regular schedule.
  • Groceries: Several Supermarkets will be open. You should call for hours.
  • Malls: Most of the malls will be open. Call for hours.
  • Liquor stores: Most of the liquor stores will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and contract stores may also be open.
  • Parking meters: Parking meters will not be enforced.

Is the Post Office Open on Veterans Day?

Many small business owners want to know are post offices open on veterans day, and the answer is No. Post offices are not open on this holiday. So, you should plan your shipment according to the post office schedule. It is mentioned above that all post offices will be closed on that day. That means, no standard mail delivery will take place. For more details, keep reading the article:

Is there Mail on Veterans Day?

As said before, all the post offices will be closed on Veterans Day, but still, there will be mail delivery on this day because there are several package delivery companies in the United States. It’s true that a large number of mail items and packages is delivered by US Postal Service, but there are others like United Parcel Service (UPS) and FedEx which you can choose to deliver your package on that day. Now, you must have lots of questions. So, let’s find out the answers to your questions regarding package delivery companies’ delivery status:

Does USPS Deliver on Veterans Day?

USPS customers have lots of questions regarding mail delivery on Veterans Day like is USPS open on Veterans Day, does USPS run on Veterans Day, etc. So, we want to say that USPS is not open on this day. No regular mail delivery takes place on this holiday. But if you use Priority Mail Express service, then your shipment will be delivered to you even on this holiday because Mail Express is a service that delivers packages 365 days a year. So, if you have any critical or urgent package, then you should send it through Priority Mail Express service. US Mail runs only Express mail on this holiday.

You can see the list of USPS Holidays 2017 below when the postal service doesn’t deliver any standard mail item:

Sr. No.DateWeek DayHoliday
1.January – 2MondayNew Year’s Day *
2.January – 16MondayMartin Luther King Jr. Birthday
3.February – 20MondayWashington’s Birthday
4.May – 29MondayMemorial Day
5.July – 4TuesdayIndependence Day
6.September – 4MondayLabor Day
7.October – 9MondayColumbus Day
8.November – 10FridayVeterans’ Day *
9.November – 23 ThursdayThanksgiving Day
10.December – 25MondayChristmas Day

Does UPS Deliver on Veterans Day?

United Parcel Service (UPS) is considered as the biggest package delivery company of the world. It has customers all over the world, and every day, it delivers millions of packages. So, people want to know that is UPS open on Veterans Day or does UPS run on Veterans Day and delivers shipments. Let’s find out the answer to these question one-by-one.

Firstly, you should know that all UPS stores open on this day. UPS delivers packages on this holiday. This package delivery company recognizes but does not observe the holiday. So, you can deliver your package through UPS.

Have a look at the list of UPS Holidays 2017 when this package delivery company is closed:

Sr. No.DateWeek DayHoliday
1.January – 1SundayNew Year’s Day
2.January – 2MondayNew Year’s Day (Observed)
3.May – 29MondayMemorial Day
4.July – 4TuesdayIndependence Day
5.September – 4MondayLabor Day
6.November – 23ThursdayThanksgiving Day
7.December – 24SundayChristmas Eve
8.December – 25MondayChristmas
9.December – 31SundayNew Year's Eve

Does FedEx Deliver on Veterans Day?

People also want to know about FedEx that is FedEx open on Veterans Day. So, the answer is Yes, FedEx is open on this day and delivers packages. Just like the UPS, it also recognizes but doesn’t observe the holiday. So, you can choose one of these two package delivery companies, UPS or FedEx, to deliver your package on this federal holiday.

You should also see the list of FedEx Holidays 2017:

Sr. No.DateWeek DayHoliday
1. April – 16SundayEaster Day
2. May – 29MondayMemorial Day
3. July – 4TuesdayIndependence Day
4. September – 4MondayLabor Day
5. November – 23ThursdayThanksgiving Day
6. December – 24SundayChristmas Eve
7. December – 25MondayChristmas Day
8. December – 31SundayNew Year's Eve
9. January – 1, 2018MondayNew Year's Day

In 2022, on Veterans Day, will the post office be open?

No, the post office will not be open on Veterans Day 2022. This is because, by federal law, regular mail delivery will be suspended on Friday, Nov. 11. This means that all USPS offices across the country will be closed for business on that day, and mail carriers will not make their usual daily deliveries.

While this may come as a disappointment to those who rely on regular postal service to stay connected, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your important letters and packages arrive safely. For instance, you can use alternative delivery services like FedEx, or simply drop off your mail at your local post office before the holiday closure takes effect. At the end of the day, even though we won’t have our usual post office service available on Nov. 11, still have plenty of options to ensure that all of our important correspondence gets delivered where it needs to go. So let’s not worry too much about missing out and instead embrace the many other ways in which we can stay connected in these trying times. After all, nothing beats the feeling of sending AND receiving mail!

Conclusion: Now, we know that Veterans Day is a federal or national holiday and most of the government offices and public services are closed on this day. Post offices are also closed that’s why no mail delivery will take place unless it’s an Express mail. Other package delivery companies like UPS and FedEx will open on this holiday and deliver their packages. So, if you have any important package to deliver, you should choose FedEx or UPS.

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