USPS Priority Mail International Service

The United States Postal Service offers a variety of services to its customers. The US Postal service has devised almost all the type of services which can cater to most of the requirements of the customers. One of the best services of USPS which is used widely by the customers is the Priority Mail service. This service is so popular because at times, the customers need to send their urgent shipment, and for doing so, they need a service which can send their package at the least time possible. For those customers Priority mail is the best option.

Priority Mail is available for the domestic shipments and also for the international shipments. Here, we will talk everything related to the USPS priority mail international.

USPS International Priority Mail:

Priority Mail InternationalThe first thing you should know is, what is international priority shipping? The Priority Mail International is one of the quickest and the speediest ways to send your mail and packages to its destination. Your international package can be of 70 pounds in the weight. It is the fastest way to send your parcels to the destinations anywhere in the world.

With international priority service, you can expect your packages to arrive at the given address within 6 to 10 days of sending the shipment. Since this type of international mail class takes even lesser time to ship the packages as compared to the services of First Class Package International, the International priority mail may be a more suitable and faster option for you. Moreover, the International priority mail can send the packages that are more in weight as compared to the First-Class Package International Service.

To summarize some of the key features of the international priority shipping, the details are:

  • The delivery to international locations happens between 6 to 10 working days
  • This service may also qualify for a free Pickup service of the package. The pick-up can be done both at your home or office
  • The international priority mail comes along with the $100 insurance in the case of non-negotiable document reconstruction. It also includes the insurance of merchandise of up to $200 in the case of loss or damage of the shipment.
  • This service also facilitates the USPS Tracking. Yes, you can track your international shipment any time to know the exact location of your package and the expected date of the delivery.

How to Send International Priority Mail:

Now let us get to know how to send your priority international. But, before mailing the package to the international recipient, you should also know an important thing. The essential thing to be aware of is that you must take care that the thing or things you are mailing in the parcel, must be acceptable to the country of the recipient. If you are not sure whether your package is acceptable to a particular country or not, then you don’t have to worry. For knowing the restrictions, you can visit the official website of USPS and read the given International Mail Manual.

Let us come to the method of sending the international priority mail. Sending the package via this service is quite simple and easy. The process to send an international mail on priority is quite similar to the process of sending a domestic mail on priority. So, to get started, the first thing you need to do is to prepare your letters, flats, and packages. Write your return address along with writing the name of the country on the upper left corner. Then, you need to jot down the address of the recipient in the center space.

Another important thing about Global priority mail is to know how much does your shipment weigh. You must know the weight of your international package because if you wish to go for the Flat Rate pricing, the packages should not exceed a weight limit. Another option is to go for the retail shipping rate by calculating the price of your package.

You have the options to hand-over your international priority shipping to your carrier, drop it off, or give it to your local post office. You can also avail the facility of the ‘Free carrier pickup’ for using this international priority service. This service enables you to schedule a pick-up of your package. This pickup can happen both from your home or office. It will be purely your choice. But, to avail this service, you must make sure that you attach the pre-paid shipping label and applicable customs form.

One vital piece of information for you is, in the case your envelope or package that you are sending to an international destination is more than one pound in weight, then, as per the rules, you will be required to fill out the form of the customs. You need to fill this form by hand.

The customs form will need some details of the package. The form will ask you the things like:

  • Describe the contents of the package
  • Disclose the value of the package
  • And lastly, confirm whether the international package is a gift to the recipient or is it a merchandise

The customers can get this custom form by visiting their local post office and asking the staff for it.

Priority Mail International Rates:

Coming to the rates or the prices of the Priority mail international, Its cost is of two types:

  1. Priority Mail International Flat Rate Pricing, and
  2. Priority Mail International Retail Pricing

Let us discuss them one by one, starting with the Flat Rate Pricing.

1. Priority Mail International Flat Rate Pricing:

This one is the pre-defined kind of pricing. The United States Postal Service provides a line of Flat Rate envelopes and boxes along with the pre-priced shipping prices. These prices range between $22.75 and $56.95 in the case of Canada, and from $28.45 and up for all the other countries. With this kind of pricing, you are not needed to pay more to send your international shipment.

There are a few terms and conditions of using the Priority Mail International Flat Rate Pricing. To go for this kind of rate, you must bear in mind that your shipment must fit itself comfortably inside the given container. Also, the package that you are sending through the flat rate pricing must not be more than the given weight limit. Even the Large Flat Rate box cannot take a weight more than 20 pounds. So, please make sure that your package is equal to or lesser in weight than the given Flat rate weight limit. In case your package exceeds the weight limit, there will be only one option left for you which is to use the retail pricing, and the Retail Pricing is described below.

2. Priority Mail International Retail Pricing:

This pricing method gives you more independence than the above flat rate pricing. If you are using retail pricing rate, you will be able to send your mail items in your box. The price of the mail will be calculated as per the weight of your shipment and also as per the country you are sending your package to. The retail pricing for sending your package to Canada, which is one pound or less in weight, can cost you somewhere in the range of $31.75 and up. This price will increase as the weight of your package increases, and will also depend on the distance of the destination country. Also, the packages that are much bigger than the normal sizes will have to bear a surcharge.

You can also calculate the priority mail international prices of your shipment online using the Postage Price Calculator. To do this, CLICK HERE.

Postage Price Calculator

Priority Mail International Delivery Time:

If you are using this service, you can expect your international shipment to arrive at its destination within 6 to 10 days of sending the shipment.

This service by USPS is the most reliable service you can depend upon. USPS makes sure that it delivers your international shipments in the given time frame. Another good thing is that other than the reliability factor, the Priority Mail International is an affordable service too. Using this service will not cost you much and get a guaranteed service in return. This priority international delivery happens in more than 180 countries across the world. Moreover, sometimes the company offers free shipping supplies too.

Important Points:

Some important points related to the US postal service priority mail international are:

  • You cannot send some restricted, prohibited, and hazardous materials (including cigarettes and smokeless tobacco).
  • The maximum weight for the Priority Mail International packages is 70 lbs.
  • The maximum weight for Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelopes and Small Flat Rate Priced Boxes cannot be more than 4 lbs.
  • Maximum weight for medium and large Priority Mail International Flat Rate Boxes is 20 lbs.
  • In the case of a few countries, the weight restrictions can be lesser.

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