How You can Get Mail Delivered Faster

You would have observed that some USPS packages take a long time to reach its destination, while some packages arrive on time. The time of the delivery of the USPS mails or packages depends largely on the origin of the mail, and the destination of the mail. The farther the destination, more time the package takes. But, do you know that you can still deliver your package faster? To do so, you can follow some tips. This article aims to make you aware of the fastest way to mail a package USPS.

How to Send Mail Faster?

Here are listed some of the tips and tricks to make the process of your mails, packages, and letters faster:

  • The first tip for you is that you should use a strong or sturdy envelope or a box to pack your parcel. The reason is that if you use a light or delicate box and it opens in the transit, then the USPS will take a longer time to reassemble the open package.
  • You must also use a tape to tie your package well. This tape on all the corners will also prevent the package from getting dismantled.
  • how to send mail fasterNow that you have packed things well write the address of the recipient and also the return address properly on the package. It is better to use the printed labels.
  • Go to the main site of USPS for the recipient’s address. Once the page opens, enter the correct information of the recipient. The page will show you a 9-digit ZIP Code. Use this ZIP Code for your package. If you use the ZIP Code, USPS will send your mail faster because it provides the letter carrier the exact address of the recipient.
  • Cover the address written on the package by clear packaging tape. This will help the address remain intact if the box becomes wet.
  • Another important thing to do is that you must decide the shipping speed of your mail item. To know the different rates and the speed of the mail, you must talk to the concerned person at the post office. This way you will select the best way to send your package on priority.

You can also request the post office employee to “print a postage label.” This postage label is a great help because it will make the package reach quicker. If you have visited a big post office, then you will have to enter the information into the computer and use your credit card or the debit card to make the payment of this postage label. The customers also have an option of printing the postage label at home using the PayPal Account if they do not want to print the postage label at the post office.



These are the few tips for those customers who are in a hurry to send their mails faster. Now that you know how to mail faster, the essential thing to know other than the mentioned tips and tricks is that you must make sure that you speak politely with the staff of the post office staff. They will be happy to help you if you ask them for help in a polite manner. Please remember that if you are nice to them, then they will also offer help in return. But that does not mean that the staff will always help you. You must keep yourself prepared for any situation. At times the staff is busy and occupied in their work and in that case, they may not help you. It is not necessary that the post office staff helps you in the wrapping of your package and other similar cases.

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