How to Forward a Single Piece of Mail?

Many post offices across the world offer the service of Mail Forwarding. It is one of the most exceptional services provided for the convenience of the customers. Before talking about it further, let us first try to understand what is the Mail forwarding. Like you can interpret from its name if you forward any mail to a person, then this is called Mail Forwarding.

This article will talk about Forwarding a Single Piece of Mail. If you wish to forward a single piece of mail, there could be two reasons. The first motive of forwarding a mail can be that you have changed your address, and therefore you wish to forward your mail. The other reason people forward mail is that they have received a wrong mail, which means that the mail that the person has received does not belong to him. Hence, because the mail is not for you, there is no point keeping it with you, and you would also want it to reach its correct or original address. One of the reasons for single piece mail forwarding is also that you want to forward a piece of mail to a person.

This service is specific to different post offices who have their methods and functions to provide this facility. Talking about US Postal Service, this service can be used conveniently and that too without bearing too much cost. USPS can forward a single piece of mail for you without charging too much money for the same. All that you are expected to pay is for the stamps and nothing else. Isn’t the USPS Single Piece Mail Forwarding accessible and affordable?

Now let us talk about how to forward a single piece of mail.

Forwarding a Single Piece of Mail:

Forwarding a mailWe have already talked about the top three reasons for mail forwarding. In case you want to forward the package that is yours only, then you will have to make a payment for the new set of stamps to ensure that the shipment is valid. Before changing the package, the thing that you need to take care of is that it is fine to change the address which is mentioned on the envelope, but you cannot change the name of the person or the addressee.

After ensuring the above, this is what you need to do if you wish to mail the package:

  • Replace the old address with the new address: The first thing you are required to do is to cross the current address (old address) which is written on the envelope. Then write “Forward to” and mention the new forwarding address on the envelope. You must make sure to do this using a dark marker. The changes that you are making should be neat and tidy. We suggest you to mention the new address below the crossed current (old) address.
  • The package must be Re-mailed now: Now that you have crossed the old address and have mentioned the new address on the envelope, now the package is ready to be Re-mailed. The next thing is to put the package back into the mailbox. Before you put the package in the mailbox, you must ensure that the stamps are valid or not.
  • Get in touch with the Recipient: You can verify the mail by talking to the recipient. If he has still not received the mail, you can contact the post office.

Is Mail Forwarding Free?

No, the Postal Service charges a fee for forwarding mail. The current fee is $1.05 per piece of mail forwarded. 

How can I know whether my mail forwarding request with the USPS was successful?

If you’re moving and need to change your address with the United States Postal Service (USPS), you can do it easily online or in-person at your local post office. Once your address change request is successfully submitted, you’ll receive a Move Validation Letter in the mail (usually within five business days). The USPS will then process your Change of Address (COA) form and send an official Customer Notification Letter to your new address. If you submitted your request online, you’ll also receive a Change of Address Confirmation email with your Confirmation Code. So, how do you know if your USPS mail forwarding request was successful? Check for any of these confirmation letters/emails and you’ll be all set!


These were the simple steps to forward a single piece of mail. Follow same methods in case you are thinking, how to forward a letter sent to the wrong address.

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