Most Common Questions on USPS Hold Mail Service – FAQ

USPS offers an array of services to its customers. All the services that United States Postal Service offers are efficiently executed to facilitate the best expediency to its clients. One of the incredible services the USPS provides is the Hold mail facility. Before talking about the most commonly asked questions on USPS Hold Mail, which is the article about, we will tell you what this service is.

This is the service that USPS customers use to hold their mails when they go outstation for a vacation or on business trips. The visit can be personal or business related, but since they do not want to miss any mail which might come in their absence, they put their mails on hold by availing this USPS service.

This article will talk about some common questions on USPS hold mail. Many people raise different questions related to the hold mail facility of USPS. This write-up intends to clarify your doubts about this facility and will provide an answer to the most commonly asked questions about this service.

Hold Mail FAQ:

There are three most common and frequently asked questions related to the USPS Hold Mail. By the end of this article, you will get to know the answers to all the three questions. The most commonly asked three questions are:

  • Who can submit a Hold Mail request?
  • Can You authorize someone else to pick up your Hold Mail?
  • What if You pick up your held mail earlier than the original Hold Mail end date?
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These are the three questions we are going to answer here. Let us start with the first one and then we will move to the rest of the two.

Who Can Submit a Hold Mail Request?

This is the first question which many USPS customers ask. They ask that who can raise a hold mail request? Many people wrongly believe that only those people who reside at the same address can raise the request of hold mail. But this is not the case because a hold mail request can be generated and filed by any person at that address or your authorized agent can also submit the request. Surprised? You read it right. An authorized agent is also allowed to submit a hold mail request on someone’s behalf.

So, this is the answer to the first question. Now let us find out the answer to the second question.

Can You Authorize Someone Else to Pick up Your Hold Mail?

Who can pick held mailThis is the second most asked query of the USPS customers. When you had started filling the form of the hold mail, the form would have asked you, “Pick a delivery option for your held mail.” There, you were supposed to choose one of the two given options. You might know that you can collect all your held mails when you reach your location by going to the post office. Also, you have an option where the mail carrier leaves your mail items into your mailbox. So, you can choose any one option depending on how you would like to retrieve your mails. The question that can you authorize someone else to pick up your hold mail only arises, if you had gone for the first option, which is, you want to pick up your held mails from the post office yourself.

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Now, the answer to your question is yes. You can send someone to pick your accumulated mails at the post office. For doing this, you will have to authorize someone to pick your accumulated mail items by giving it in writing to the Post Office. The thing that you should not forget here is that the person, you authorized, must carry his photo I.D to the post office.

What if You Pick up Your Held Mail Earlier than the Original Hold Mail End Date?

The answer to the third and the last question is that in this case, your hold mail request will be canceled automatically and the post office will start sending you regular mail and packages from the next business day.



Hope you have got the answers to the most commonly asked questions on hold mail. For any other query, there is a separate article on hold mail service which you can go through in detail to know more about it.

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  1. How soon after you pick up your mail (say after 30 days) can you ask for another mail hold?

  2. PLEASE…I am searching in vain for an answer. I am out of state and thought I’d be returning in time to pick up my own mail at the post office. I will be delayed several more weeks and want to authorize a friend to pick up my mail for me. I understand that I need to inform my local post office about this. She has ten days from now to pick up the mail. There is NO INFORMATION about how to inform the post office “in writing” and I am on hold for the USPS phone support, told I’d be on hold for ONE HOUR. I need to know exactly how to authorize her to pick up my mail and there is NOTHING about how to do this on any of the USPS pages. Why can’t you accept a fax, or allow her to bring in an email with my driver’s license and permission on it? Who do I send the authorization to, and how do I know it will be received and processed in time before my mail is sent back? Why won’t the online form allow me to change my pickup method? I have no idea if this comment will even be seen or responded to, let alone in time.

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