Request for Doorstep Delivery in case of Medical Problem

Receiving mail is a part of our daily routine. Usually, the USPS customers receive their mail in their mailbox. As per the regular process of the USPS, a letter carrier comes to deliver your mail to your address. The letter carrier person puts all the letters or mails, with your name on it, in your mailbox. Then, at your convenience, you collect all the letters from your mailbox. Though this is a hassle-free and a simple process that does not require much labor, at times, due to the medical emergencies, we get into certain problems. Because of illness, some people face difficulty in recovering the mail.

To USPS, every customer matters. Hence, USPS has an answer to this problem as well, and therefore they offer a service of doorstep delivery to help their clients. So, if you also face a similar problem or under any other circumstance, if you wish to have a Door Delivery, you can avail this service with USPS. This service will enable you to get the letters delivered to your door. Here is an article which will make you aware of how to get the mails delivered to your door.

How to Get Mail Delivered to Door?

You can use this service by USPS if due to some disability or any other medical condition, you are unable to collect your mail from your mailbox, then the letter carrier will deliver your letters to your door, and you need not go out.

Doorstep Delivery

For availing this facility, all you have to do is to write a hardship mail delivery letter. You need to submit this letter to the post office. You are also required to attach a statement from the doctor along with the hardship delivery letter. The content of the letter will mention that you need to change the current or the existing delivery point. The statement of the doctor is also imperative to be attached because the post office needs to know why you need the service of doorstep delivery. The post office will check the doctor’s statement which will talk about your medical condition and the reason for the need of this service. As you send both of these necessities- the hardship mail delivery letter and the statement from your physician, to your post office that delivers your mail, the post office will either agree to your request or reject your request, if they do not find their investigation satisfactory. Also, the post office will approve your request only if they find that you cannot pick the mails from the mailbox because it is situated at a distance.

You must address your hardship mail delivery letter to:





Using this service will bring ease to your life. The moment the post office takes the decision in your favor and approves your application, the letter carrier will Get Mail Delivered to Your Door or to the location which is more convenient to you.

6 Comments on “Request for Doorstep Delivery in case of Medical Problem”

  1. I have medical problems on oxygen and it is a hardship to pick up my mail because I would have to put on my portable oxygen tank and drive to my mail box. Would the post office ask my mail carrier to please deliver my mail to my front door? Thank you very much and in about 1-2 months I hopefully will no longer have to use my oxygen tanks. Vicki Schumm, 5948 Colby Street, Fort Collins, CO 80525 (970) 204-6988

  2. My Postmaster is abusive and has already told Me ( emphatically) “ We will never deliver mail down F____ Rd “ -He has even gone so far as to ATTEMPTING to characterize the road as “ dangerous “ or hazardous” until law enforcement and other USPS Emplyees offered realistic portrayals-In the face of this bias yet what expertise does a Postmaster have to ethically and fairly assess medical or disability information or terminology ? -Great lip service USPS but , in reality , a cruel sham ( and shame)!

  3. I would like to request to have door delivery for myself and my 96yr old father Wiley J. Flanagan at 8400 Veterans Parkway, Apt. 918, Columbus, GA 31909. I have seziures and can no longer drive, I also have Essential Tremors and other medical problems. I am being treated at Emory Brain Center. My 96 yr old father is in bad health and does not drive either. I have to call someone or wait until we have company to go get our mail from apartment mailboxes. Please see if you can grant this request for me and my father.

    Request for: Cindy D Flanagan and Wiley J. Flanagan, Jr

  4. I am unable to walk down my driveway because I have problems walking up or down any surface and can only walk with assistance of a cane on level surface. I have requested and received a hardship delivery and it has been working well but it only works when the carrier assigned to my route is at work. None of the carriers who deliver in his place seem to get the notice and my mail goes back to the post office marked No Access and no attempt is made after that even when the normal carrier returns. I can only get that mail is by going to the post office and ask for it. Being 85 and crippled that is not an easy task. My post office is 63129 on Telegraph Rd. Is there anything I can do to put this right?

  5. Called the local post office and requested a Hardship Delivery. They did not know the Form number and so when he finds out he said he would send to us. This will be my second time going to the doctors office paying a fee to get this filled out and sent back. Seems first one was misplaced and they wanted me to send a copy, and I had not made a copy before I mailed it back. This time I will make a copy before I take it in and hand it to the Supervisor, Station Manager or request to see Post Master of Shawnee Mission.

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