How You Can Get Rid of Spam Mail

Spam mail or we can say Junk Mail is the real problem in our everyday life. You must be facing this problem. It’s common now. Every morning you wake up and see your mailbox full of junk mail. These mails are almost useless for us. The only purpose of these spam mails is to promote any service, product, or brand. Large companies and services are investing heavily in promoting their services and products.

We don’t need these spam mails, but still, we can see these in our mailboxes. So, what’s the solution of this? Can’t we solve this issue? Yes, Of course, we can solve this issue, and for that, we need to understand its process that how junk mail finds its way to our mailboxes.

It’s a huge network which runs on a simple concept. We use the services offered by different agencies, companies, groups, etc. and thus all our details like name, contact number, and address must be in their database. These companies, agencies, or groups share our details with other giant companies in exchange of money which use the information to promote their services by sending us spam mail and emails. USPS is a big agency which is responsible for mail delivery in the United States. It also sells our information to others.

So, what we have to do is we must ask these companies (which shares our details) not to share our information with others or not to distribute the information. We can do other things too to get rid of spam mail. Let’s find out what we can do:

First, you need to understand that it’s not important to fill your details on every survey and offer. It might be misused. If you find that it’s important to give the details, then also write “Neither sell nor distribute the details” along with the details you give. Thus, they won’t add you to the mailing list.

Place a No Junk Mail Sign near the mailbox or at your door. This method is used widely. It helps a lot because not every mail piece you receive is sent by the authorized mail carrier. The giant companies hire any person to promote their products and services. Thus, that person drops the spam mail into your mailbox. The sign board will prevent them from dropping any spam mail.

Opting out online or through phone calls will also reduce the amount of spam mail. Gather all the spam mail and make a list of the senders with their contact details. Contact each of the senders through the appropriate method. Ask them to remove your name from the spam mailing list.

You should try to receive all bills and statements electronically. In today’s world, many companies and services are providing electronic bills and statements. You should go for it.

Try the “Return to Sender” method. If you receive such mail, don’t open it and write “Return to Sender” in bold letters. After writing it, put it back to the mailbox. The mail carrier will send that mail back to its sender. This way, they would understand that you don’t need these spam mail.

You should try these things. Every method is effective. These methods will reduce the amount of spam mail. Try once and tell us which worked for you.

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