Does UPS, FedEx and USPS deliver on Thanksgiving Day 2017?

We receive and send mail or packages every day. If we want to send our important document to someone, then we choose mail services. There are many package delivery companies that deal with the mail and packages, but USPS, UPS, and FedEx are considered as the biggest package delivery companies out there. These are the companies through which people prefer to send their mail and packages.

These giant companies work day and night to get the mail and packages delivered. The postal employees work hard every day for their customers, but there are few days in a year when all the post offices and most package delivery companies don’t deliver packages. So, the customers of these package delivery companies want to know about the delivery status on a special day, and that day is “Thanksgiving Day.”

People want to know, “does the mail run on Thanksgiving?” because they want their mail or package as soon as possible. Most of the people don’t even know about the federal holidays. They just want to clear the doubt that, “Is Thanksgiving a federal holiday?” We’ll give the answer of many questions like, does USPS, UPS, and FedEx deliver on Thanksgiving Day 2017, does the mail run on Thanksgiving, is the post office open on Thanksgiving, etc. So, let’s start:

Is Thanksgiving a Federal Holiday?

Yes, Thanksgiving Day is a federal holiday. All the post offices, federal offices, and public services will be closed on this day. Most of the government offices, libraries, schools, post offices and banks & credit unions will be closed on this day. Many of the offices and services will work on different schedule and hours. So, it’s better to call for hours.

You can see the list of Federal Holidays 2017 below:

Sr. No.DateHoliday
1.Monday, January 2New Year’s Day
2.Monday, January 16Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
3.Monday, February 20Washington’s Birthday
4.Monday, May 29Memorial Day
5.Tuesday, July 4Independence Day
6.Monday, September 4Labor Day
7.Monday, October 9Columbus Day
8.Friday, November 10Veterans Day
9.Thursday, November 23 Thanksgiving Day
10.Monday, December 25Christmas Day

Does USPS Deliver on Thanksgiving?

No! USPS doesn’t deliver on Thanksgiving. All the post offices will be closed on that day. Standard mail or packages doesn’t run on Thanksgiving. No mail will be delivered on that day unless Priority Mail Express service is used. Mail or package sent through Priority Mail Express service is delivered 365 days a year. So, if you used this service, then your mail or package will be delivered on this day.

Most of the people also want to know about the USPS hours on Thanksgiving and working status of the post offices. So, as mentioned above, all the post offices will be closed for delivery and pick up purposes. There is internal and limited functioning on federal or post offices holidays. No retail facilities are open to the customers. But there is the activity to ensure timely delivery of your mail and packages. Express Mail is delivered 365 days a week. Mail gets moved facility to facility, and there is also sorting of mail by the clerks at many post offices. In short, we can say that USPS works even on Thanksgiving Day.

Below are the USPS Holidays for the year 2017:

Sr. No.DateWeek DayHoliday
1.January – 2MondayNew Year’s Day *
2.January – 16MondayMartin Luther King Jr. Birthday
3.February – 20MondayWashington’s Birthday
4.May – 29MondayMemorial Day
5.July – 4TuesdayIndependence Day
6.September – 4MondayLabor Day
7.October – 9MondayColumbus Day
8.November – 10FridayVeterans’ Day *
9.November – 23 ThursdayThanksgiving Day
10.December – 25MondayChristmas Day

These are the other holidays along with the Thanksgiving when no regular mail delivery takes place.

Does the Mail Run the Day after Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Day is on November 23 in this year, and the next day is Black Friday on November 24. The next day of Thanksgiving Day is much popular because, on this day, the streets of Philadelphia would become so congested with shoppers that day after Thanksgiving was termed “Black Friday.” Now, this name is popular and common for the next day after Thanksgiving.

The Day after Thanksgiving isn’t a public holiday, but a state holiday in almost half the states of the U.S. This day is given as a paid day off by the 80% of the employees.

But all the post offices will open on the day after Thanksgiving Day and mail will run on that day (Black Friday). 

Does UPS Deliver on Thanksgiving?

United Parcel Service (UPS) is considered as the biggest package delivery company in the world. It has customers all around the world. So, many of those customers want to know about the UPS delivery on Thanksgiving Day. Just like the USPS, UPS also doesn’t deliver on Thanksgiving. This package delivery company doesn’t ship regular packages on this day. If you have any extremely urgent shipment, then you can use the UPS Express Critical® service that is available 24/7, 365 days per year. For this, you may call 1-800-714-8779 or visit

On the other hand, just like the USPS, UPS also work on this day to ensure your delivery on time. Most of the UPS stores remain open to this day.

Here is the UPS Thanksgiving Schedule:

Tuesday, November 21:

  • All normal delivery and pick up service will take place on this day. All UPS 2nd Day Air packages picked up on this day will be delivered on Nov. 24.

Wednesday, November 22:

  • All normal delivery and pick up service will take place on this day. All UPS Next Day Air packages picked up on this day will be delivered on Nov. 24, and UPS 2nd Day Air packages picked up on this day will be delivered on Nov. 27.

Thursday, November 23:

  • UPS won’t deliver or pick up any package on this day as it’s a holiday. But you can use UPS Express Critical service even on this day.

Friday, November 24:

  • In all the areas, normal pickup and delivery will take place.

Saturday, November 25:

  • UPS Worldwide Express items are delivered on this day. UPS 2nd Day Air and UPS Next Day Air items are labeled and processed for Saturday delivery.
  • Pickup service for UPS Air and international Air packages is available.

Here is the list of UPS Holidays 2017 for you:

Sr. No.DateWeek DayHoliday
1.January – 1SundayNew Year’s Day
2.January – 2MondayNew Year’s Day (Observed)
3.May – 29MondayMemorial Day
4.July – 4TuesdayIndependence Day
5.September – 4MondayLabor Day
6.November – 23ThursdayThanksgiving Day
7.December – 24SundayChristmas Eve
8.December – 25MondayChristmas
9.December – 31SundayNew Year's Eve

Does FedEx Deliver on Thanksgiving?

No! FedEx doesn’t deliver on Thanksgiving. No item with regular service will be delivered on this day. FedEx stores won’t open for the customers. But FedEx works on this day because it deals with FedEx SameDay® packages. If you have any critical item that you wish to deliver through FedEx, then you can use the FedEx SameDay service which is available 24/7, 365 days per year.

You can see the FedEx Thanksgiving Schedule in the image below:

FedEx Thanksgiving Schedule

The list of FedEx Holidays 2017 is as follows:

Sr. No.DateWeek DayHoliday
1. April – 16SundayEaster Day
2. May – 29MondayMemorial Day
3. July – 4TuesdayIndependence Day
4. September – 4MondayLabor Day
5. November – 23ThursdayThanksgiving Day
6. December – 24SundayChristmas Eve
7. December – 25MondayChristmas Day
8. December – 31SundayNew Year's Eve
9. January – 1, 2018MondayNew Year's Day


Conclusion: That is all about the Thanksgiving Day. We hope we have cleared everything. Still, if you have any question, then you may leave a comment below. We’ll try to solve that problem.

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