Does DHL Deliver on Sunday? Sunday Delivery!

DHL is an international shipping company which provides the services of express deliveries, freight forwarding, and warehousing. Many customers use the services of DHL from all over the world. It delivers millions of packages in more than 200 countries and territories. It employs more than 2.8 Lac people.

There is one question that many of its customers want to ask. What they wish to know is, if DHL delivers on Sundays or not. DHL Sunday is one of the most frequently asked questions by many people. This article will talk about does DHL deliver on Sunday. So, let us find the answer to this question here in this write-up.

Does DHL Ship on Sunday?

DHL Sunday DeliveryThe answer to the question, if DHL delivers on Sundays, is No. The DHL does not deliver on Sunday. In the country of United States, DHL Sunday delivery is not possible. But, DHL does deliver on Sundays in of some countries of the world. Those countries are where doing business on the days of Saturdays and Sundays is usual.

As a regular practice, DHL deals its services as per the working days. So, the packages which are sent for next day delivery on Friday, the DHL delivers them on Monday. However, there are some options for the customers who wish to have DHL on Sunday or emergency deliveries. In this case, the customer can go for the fastest-point jet service by requesting the company. The company will ensure that the package reaches its destination on any day of the week be it Sunday or Saturday. But, the customer will have to shell out a hefty amount from his pocket because this is a premium service, and hence it will demand a premium price as well. Let us talk more about such services in our next header.

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DHL Sunday Delivery:

As we have briefed you before, DHL provides the Saturday and even Sunday delivery services in some countries or postal codes, where the days of Saturday and Sunday are treated as normal business days. The delivery on the weekend will attract an additional fee, which may range as much as $50.00 per package.

Also, the customers can go for the DHL’s weekend service, which is available in the postal codes where non-working days are not necessarily on the weekends. In these cases, delivery on Sunday is possible. For example, in some Gulf countries, the day of Friday is usually a non-business day. In these countries, if you want to have a Friday delivery, then you will have to get the same done only by paying the extra amount as fees.

Moreover, in few cases, the DHL requests the local delivery service companies or the local post offices to do their last step of the delivery. In such scenario, the delivery days will depend on the carrier, and you may surprisingly see that the shipments arrive on Saturday, and Sunday package delivery will be a normal case of mail delivery.


DHL Same DayTo cater to the critical shipments that need an immediate attention and require a door-to-door delivery as soon as possible, they offer flexible Same Day services. This is an ideal customized delivery option for the emergency shipments.

Under this service, “DHL Same Day” provides a customized shipping delivery which is specially crafted to meet your needs in a guaranteed way. Whether it is far in town or an overseas shipment, whether the document is urgent or is a medical shipment, shipping on Sunday or another day, DHL Same Day is there to help you.

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DHL Same Day picks up a shipment of all sizes and weights and delivers it to the right destination within few hours. The features of DHL Same Day are:

  • Service in more than 200 countries
  • Door-to-door service
  • Works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Proactive tracking possible from the time of pickup to its delivery
  • Web Order Entry option available that permits real-time, first-flight-in-delivery solution
  • Web tracking and reporting ability
  • Pickup within 60 minutes
  • Proof-of-delivery confirmation through phone, fax, e-mail, cell phone, etc.

This company has successfully delivered packages of millions of customers and DHL Same Day is always there for your emergency needs and package delivery on Sunday. So, if you ever need to send your critical packages immediately, then go for the DHL Same Day service.

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