Saturday Delivery! Does DHL Deliver on Saturday?

Ever heard of DHL? Well, we are sure you would have! DHL is a company which is into express deliveries, freight forwarding, and warehousing. There are many customers of this international shipping company. This company deals with millions of packages. DHL operates in more than 200 countries and territories. There are more than 325k people working in DHL.

One question that the customers of DHL often ask is if, DHL deliver on Saturday? If you have the same question, then don’t worry as you are not the only one. There are lots of customers who wish to know the same thing. So, let us attempt to find the answer to your question.

Does DHL Deliver on Saturday?

So, the answer to the most frequently asked question is Yes. DHL work and deliver on Saturday. It is possible to ship your package through DHL on Saturday to a business address. Please note that the Saturday delivery is not available for the Wadden Islands.

Also, you may have to pay a little extra charge for availing this service. To give you an idea, the delivery on the weekend may cost you an extra fee as much as $50.00 per shipment. To have the DHL delivery on Saturday, all you need to do is to tick the option of the Saturday delivery while you are preparing your shipment. DHL collects the shipments for delivery on Saturday one day before, which is on Friday. In case, the shipment does not get delivered on Saturday, DHL tries to ship the package on the next working day.

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DHL Saturday Delivery:

Saturday deliveryAnother good thing regarding the DHL Saturday delivery is that the weekend service of DHL is possible for the zip codes where non-working days are not the weekends. Like in Gulf countries, Friday is mostly a holiday. With DHL, you can expect the Friday delivery in Gulf countries. But, you may have to pay a little extra fee for this. Moreover, DHL also provides an extra customer delight as they have a tie up or contracts with the local delivery services or local post offices to do the delivery. These local service agents or local post office staff help DHL to complete the last leg of its package delivery. If this scenario, the delivery day will depend on the carrier and you may hope to get your shipments on a Saturday as well as it will be a regular mail or a courier delivery for them.

In the case you are still unsure, you can use the same day delivery option of DHL. DHL same day service also ships on Sunday along with the Saturday. In short, DHL same day service is always there for you. DHL offers flexible Same Day services to address the emergency needs of the customers. This service takes care of the emergency or the critical shipments of the customers that need immediate attention. DHL flexible same day services is a best-customized delivery alternate for the urgent shipments of the customers. DHL Same Day collects the shipment from the customer of almost all the sizes and weights. DHL is adept in delivering the same at the right address that too just within a few hours.

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There are some great features of the DHL which are summarized below:

  • DHL facilitates the proactive tracking to its customers. The clients can track their shipment from the time of pickup to its delivery
  • DHL allows their customers to do web tracking and have reporting ability
  • DHL Same day service is available in more than 200 countries
  • DHL same day also provides the proof-of-delivery. It is a confirmation through one of the ways like phone, fax, e-mail, cell phone, etc.
  • The shifts of the staff at DHL works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year
  • DHL also offers the web order entry option. This option allows you the real-time, first-flight-in-delivery solution
  • With DHL, you can expect the Saturday pickup within 60 minutes
  • This service offers a door-to-door service

Using the service of DHL Same Day, you can have a customized shipping delivery. This service is the best solution in the emergency situations as it offers door-to-door delivery in the least time possible. All you can expect from this efficient DHL service is the guaranteed delivery. This service is specifically curated to cater to the urgent needs of their prized customers. Irrespective of the destination – far or near, local or international shipment, document or a medical shipment, this service will ship your package as fast as they can.

This is all about the DHL delivery hours Saturday. You can also read about DHL Sunday delivery in another article.

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