USPS Holiday Schedule and Shipping Deadlines 2017

This time of the year is the busiest time for package delivery companies like USPS. Because in December we have two major events, one is Christmas, and the other is New Year. The people celebrate Christmas and New Year widely.

Since the tradition is to send greeting cards and gifts to one another, the job of mailing organization increases a lot. Christmas also comes along with a long list of holidays. So, we must plan to send our shipments and cards before USPS Christmas deadline 2017. You should also know whether USPS delivers on Christmas Eve or not.

Let’s start with the Mailing Deadlines and then we’ll talk about Holiday Schedule.

USPS Holiday Shipping Deadlines 2017:

We need to give our package to the USPS before the Christmas mailing deadline if we want our package to reach its destination on time. We should also mind the USPS holidays 2017. Hence, it is essential for us to know all about the cut-off date so that USPS could deliver our package to the other party on time.

Let us begin talking about USPS shipping deadline with the contiguous US first.

Mailing Deadline Within Contiguous US:

These are the USPS mailing deadline and schedule with the contiguous US excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

These are the Send-by dates or the cut-off dates if you want to have the delivery before the day of Christmas which is Dec. 25th. Holiday Shipping Dates 2017 in the case of Contiguous US are in ascending order:

Class of Mail ServiceSend-by Dates
USPS Retail Ground 14th December
First-Class Mail 19th December
Priority Mail20th December
Priority Mail Express 22nd December

This table implies that:

  • To book your mail or package using the USPS Retail Ground services, the shipping deadlines for Christmas is 14th Dec.
  • To avail the service of USPS First-class mail service for sending your mail or package, USPS deadline for Christmas delivery is 19th Dec.
  • To book your mail or package through the USPS priority mail service, you need to send your mail or package to USPS by 20th Dec.
  • And lastly, to send your mail or package using the USPS priority mail express, you need to hand-over your mail or package to USPS by 22nd Dec.
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So, these were the recommended send-by dates to expect the delivery of your shipment by 25th December. But, you must also keep in mind the following things:

  • The actual date of delivery may change because it will depend on the factors like the origin of the shipment, destination of the mail, the acceptance time of the Post Office, and some other factors.
  • In the case of Priority Mail Express service, the condition of money-back holds true if the USPS does not deliver the mail or package or USPS did not attempt to deliver the same, within the two normal working days.

Mailing Deadline Outside Contiguous US:

Coming to the USPS Christmas deadline in the case of outside contiguous, we give you the information of the mailing deadlines for Alaska and Hawaii, then for the address belonging to the APO/FPO/DPO category, then for the international shipment.

Alaska & Hawaii Shipping Dates:

Starting with the Holiday Shipping Dates 2017 for Alaska & Hawaii, the shipping deadlines for the delivery by December 25th are as follows:

Country(lateral)/Class of mail(Vertical)HawaiiAlaska
First-Class Mail 15th December20th December
Priority Mail 15th December20th December
Priority Mail Express 20th December21st December

The table implies:

  • To avail the facility of USPS First-class mail service for sending your mail, you must send the mail or package by 20th Dec if it is for Alaska, and 15th Dec if it is for Hawaii.
  • To send your mail or package through USPS priority mail service, you must send the same by 20th Dec if it is for Alaska, and 15th Dec if it is for Hawaii.
  • And lastly, to send your mail or package through USPS priority mail express service, you must send the same by 21st Dec if it is for Alaska, and 20th Dec if it is for Hawaii.
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APO/FPO/DPO Shipping Dates:

If you wish to send your mail or package to APO/FPO/DPO address, refer the USPS Christmas schedule 2017 for the delivery by December 25th in the table below.

Holiday Shipping Dates for Military Mail:

Services/Address AE ZIPs™ 090-092AE ZIP 093AE ZIPs 094-098AA ZIP 340AP ZIPs 962-966
USPS retail ground6th November6th November6th November6th November6th November
Space available mail (SAM)27th November27th November27th November27th November27th November
Parcel airlift mail (PAL)4th December4th December4th December4th December4th December
Priority mail 11th December4th December11th December11th December11th December
First-class mail11th December4th December11th December11th December11th December
Priority mail express military (PMEMS) 16th DecemberNot available16th December16th December16th December

The things to know:

  • PAL service allows air travel for the packages depending on the availability of space. The items must be less than 30 lbs in weight and 60″ in length and girth. You need to pay PAL fee along with the regular surface price for every item that you send using the PAL service.
  • The limit for SAM parcels is 15 lbs in weight and 60″ in length and girth.
  • PMEMS is only possible for select military post offices. To check for a specific APO/FPO/DPO address, you need to visit your local Post Office.

International Shipping Dates:

The mailing deadlines for the shipment delivery country-wise by December 25th are as follows:

Mail Class/Country or ContinentAsia/
Australia / NZAfricaCaribbeanCanadaAmerica (Central and South)EuropeMiddle EastMexico
First-Class international Mail 7 Dec7 Dec30 Nov7 Dec7 Dec30 Nov7 Dec7 Dec7 Dec
Priority Mail International 7 Dec7 Dec30 Nov9 Dec9 Dec30 Nov9 Dec9 Dec7 Dec
Priority Mail Express International 14 Dec14 Dec7 Dec14 Dec16 Dec9 Dec14 Dec14 Dec14 Dec
Global Express Guaranteed19 Dec19 Dec19 Dec21 Dec21 Dec20 Dec20 Dec18 Dec20 Dec

We must also know:

  • For the delivery outside main cities, we must assign an extra day for the package in transit.
  • The deadline date does not include the time for the things like customs clearance.
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USPS Holiday Schedule:

USPS Christmas Eve ScheduleSo, as we discussed above, along with knowing the last posting days for 2017 upcoming events, it is also important to know about post office Christmas delivery schedule. Like many others, USPS also does not operate on Christmas and New Year as these are federal holidays.

Christmas Eve Schedule:

These pointers will explain you the mail delivery on Christmas Eve.

  • No service of the USPS blue collection boxes Christmas Eve (24 Dec).
  • Regular collections till 23rd Dec.
  • The Post Offices to remain closed on Christmas Eve (24 Dec).

Christmas Day Schedule:

The Christmas Day Schedule on 25th December is as follows:

  • The Post Office locations to remain closed on 25th December.
  • No regular mails to work on Christmas day (25th Dec).
  • The USPS Priority Mail Express will work both days.

On December 26th, the Post Office locations will get back to work.

New Year’s Eve Schedule:

The New Year’s Eve schedule on 31st December, both USPS collection boxes and the Local Post Office holiday Hours, is as follows:

  • The Blue collection boxes will not be available for services on New Year’s Eve (31st Dec)
  • Regular Blue box collections will happen until 30th Dec.
  • The local Post Office locations will remain closed on New Year’s Eve (31st Dec)
  • On 2nd January, the post offices will resume its work of regular mails delivery

New Year’s Day Schedule:

The New Year’s Day schedule on 1st Jan is as follows:

  • No mail collection and no mail delivery on New Year’s Day (1st Jan)
  • Priority Mail Express mail will continue to work on New years eve and New years day.
  • Normal collection and regular mail to get back to work on 2nd January.


So, as you can see both, Mailing Deadlines and USPS holiday hours or schedule. If you want to send any gift or something, then you should know these deadlines so that your gift could easily reach its destination. You should choose the right mail-class or service during this holiday season. You can also see the list of USPS holidays 2018 in our other article.

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