File a Change of Address for an International Address or Move

Planning to move to a different address? When we move to a new address, it becomes our responsibility to inform our friends, relatives, and family about our address change. And at the same time, it is also important to inform the people who send us the mail. To inform the relevant authorities, you can write them letters, call them or go online and fill the form that is available on their site. The most common way the people use is to fill the online form to inform the concerned people about their move.

In this article, we will talk about how to file a change of address for the USPS international address move. You would have already known the process of change of an address for the domestic move. But this article is about the process of Change of address for international address only. We are dealing with the international change of address separately because the process of international address change is different from the process of address change of the domestic move.

Usually, the process of the USPS Change of address is not cumbersome. You can complete this process either the online way or the offline way. People find the online way much easier and quicker. But let us inform you that in the case of international change of address you are not allowed to file a request online. For the international COA (Change of address), you don’t have any other choice than visiting the post office yourself. The details below will make you aware of how this is a different process of COA from the domestic move and also how you can raise a COA request for an international move.

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How to File a Change of Address for International Move?

International MoveAs now you know that if you are going for the international move, you will not be able to file a change of address request online for an international move, so the only way is to visit the post office personally.

To know the process of how to file a change of address for the USPS international address move, go through the steps below:

  • The first step is to go to your old post office
  • At the post office, fill out the PS Form 3575.
  • If you have already moved to an international location and you have not filled the change of address form before moving, then you will have to write a letter to both the USPS and the new postal organization which is now serving you. The letter will explain the whole situation in detail. The letter will also highlight correctly that how and when you wish your mails and packages to be forwarded. In the letter, you will have to give them all the necessary information which is asked in the change of address form.

Note: If you are filing a change of address from another country to US, then you must contact the foreign country’s postal administrator.


By now you would have known all about the international change of address, and now you can easily file a COA for an international move. In case of any problem, you can contact the post office.

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