Certified Mail Receipt | PS Form 3800

When the customers want to send any important, legal or confidential mail or letter to someone safely, and they want to have a receipt of confirmation delivery in return, they use the Certified mail service of USPS. In this article, we will talk about certified mail return receipt.

Certified Mail Return Receipt:

The certified mail receipt or slip is a kind of confirmation of the delivery of your certified mail.

The return slip provides the following information:

  • The signature of the recipient
  • Address of recipient
  • Delivery Date of the mail item
  • Delivery Time for the mail item

To get the mail slip, the process is as follows:

  • The certified mail customer needs to go to the Post Office. He/she can also go to a branch, or station to get a valid slip.
  • One can send the receipt both from home or from the office. The customer can also put the receipt in a Collection Box receptacle. Please note that the Aviation Mail Security restrictions may apply here. Another option is to hand over the receipt to one of the staffs of the post office. One thing that you should not forget is that the postage which is attached to the envelope, must have the certified fee and also the postage.
  • You must know that USPS will not give a valid receipt which is a confirmation of the payment of the service if it is not sent from the facility of the Post Office
  • The user can purchase this certified mail form at the time of mailing of his package. The PS Form 3811 will be given to you only if it has the Adult Signature options.

PS Form 3800 Front:

Front of PS Form 3800

PS Form 3800 Back:

Back of PS Form 3800

USPS certified mail is one of the most useful services provided by the USPS, and you can always rely on this service if you wish to send an important and crucial document.

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