What is the Carrier Release Program?

U.S Postal Service offers several services and programs. Carrier Release Program is one among them. According to this program, the sender of any parcel permits the carrier to leave the package in a safe place. This program is usually chosen when there is no one at the locality to collect the package. The customer can opt when the addressee has filed an order written to permit the carrier to leave the parcel.

Uninsured packages or a shipment that does not require a signature can be left outside the box or in another location like the stairway or uncovered porch when the receiver has given written directions for leaving the parcel in the alternate delivery facility. In another case, the sender should endorse the package with a note “Carrier — Leave If No Response.”

carrier leave if no responseThe Carrier Release Program USPS allows the customers to permit carriers to leave their parcels in a safe location that is protected from weather and theft. When the receiver wants to leave the parcel in a safe location, then it should contain the message” CARRIER? LEAVE IF NO RESPONSE“. The message has to be written legibly and clearly on the left side of the postage area or below the return address. There should be at least 1/4 inch space between the carrier release endorsement and other printing.

This option can be used in several circumstances such as:

  1. When no one is available at the facility to receive the parcel
  2. When the receiver has filed a written order to authorize a carrier to leave the parcel.
  3. When the flats of the recipients are too large for letter receptacles.
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In case the customer has used any ancillary service endorsement, the carrier release endorsement must contain one blank line or equivalent space, from the ancillary service endorsement

The carrier release endorsement can be used for the following items:

  • The shipment that is uninsured
  • The shipment that does not require the receiver’s signature

The following are criteria for Carrier Release Program:

1. Customer Authorization to Leave: When a sender has filed a written order that packages are too large for the box can be left outside the box or can be left in another chosen location

2. Mailer Authorization to Leave: When a package is endorsed with the message, “Carrier — Leave If No Response,” and when there is no one available to collect it, you may leave the parcel in an unprotected location such as a stairway or uncovered porch.

3. Liability: By following the sender’s or receiver’s instructions, the US Postal Service offers customers with a more convenient mode to collect the parcels. They also state that Carriers are not liable for theft or loss of the package when the customer’s instructions and regulations of postal service are followed.

When Is the Carrier Not Authorized to Leave Parcel?

  1. When someone is available to collect the parcels: When an uninsured package, a parcel that does not require a signature, or a package that do not fall under Carrier Release Program is not delivered on the first attempt, and the carrier knows that usually, someone at the location is available to collect parcels.
  2. When someone is not usually available at the location to collect parcels: The carrier knows that someone at the location is usually not available to receive the package, or the parcel is insured, or it requires a signature, or it is not part of the Carrier Release Program.

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