Can I Pick up Package from UPS Before Delivery?

As you know that United Parcel Service is the world’s biggest package delivery company. It has clients and customers from all over the world. Its different services and offers are for every type of customer. People demand different types of services, and it offers the best suitable offers and services to them.

A few days back, we receive a question from a person, and he was asking, “can I pick up package from UPS before delivery?” We gave him the answer and thought of putting this question as an article on our site. So, here we are. Today, we are going to answer this question because we know you may want to know its answer after reading the title of the article, or you are here because you want to know only about it.

So, without wasting any time, let’s directly jump to the answer:

Can You Pick up Packages from UPS Early:

UPS Package Pickup Before Delivery

If you are the one who wants to pickup UPS package before delivery, then we have good news for you that you can pick up the UPS shipment or package before the final delivery or attempt. Yes! UPS lets you pick up the packages before the delivery. For this, you can do different things. The list of things is given below along with the instructions. So, have a look what you can do for picking up your package before the final delivery:

  • UPS Delivery Intercept:

United Parcel Service (UPS) offers a service called UPS Delivery Intercept through which you can interrupt your package at the last minute using the automated UPS shipping or tracking system. It usually happens when you want to change something before the last delivery. So, in that case, UPS lets you do some changes with your package. With UPS Delivery Intercept, you can do the following:

  1. Return to Sender: Using this service, you can return the package to the sender (this service is not available in Puerto Rico).
  2. Reschedule the Delivery: You can also reschedule the delivery date by holding the package.
  3. Deliver Package to Different Address: Choose or select the different location of the package for the delivery.
  4. Will Call: You can also hold the shipment so that the consignee could pick up the package.

Note: Except for Will Call, the fee is assessed for all types of requests. You will be charged once the request is completed.

Now you need not ask anyone that can I pick up my package from UPS before final delivery because UPS Delivery Intercept will help you to do so. You, as a shipper, can request for package intercept before final delivery via phone or web.

You may CLICK HERE to know how to Request Delivery Intercept.

  • Redirect Packages to Preferred UPS Access Point Location:

With UPS My Choice® Membership, you can redirect the packages to a preferred UPS access point location before UPS makes the first delivery attempt. UPS Access Point™ network that includes independently owned & operated businesses offer you the safe places from where you can pick up the shipment easily. UPS My Choice® members can also choose a default location to send the packages for free.

You can find more about the UPS My Choice® by CLICKING HERE.

  • Hold for Pickup:

UPS Hold For PickupUPS Hold for Pickup service lets any UPS customer hold his/her package for five days at no additional charge. You can choose any UPS Customer Center where UPS will deliver your package and put it on hold. Then, it will call the recipient once the package is ready. Usually, all the packages are available by 8:30 a.m.

Requirements for Pickup:

You need to take an ID proof with yourself when you will go to pick up the package before the delivery.

  • Recipient: If you are the Recipient, then take a photo ID issued by the Government, such as military ID, passport, driver’s license, etc.
  • Recipient’s Representative: If you are the representative of the recipient, then take a Company ID or the letter authorizing package release.

Note: This service isn’t available for Saturday delivery packages.

For more information about hold for pickup, Click Here.


Final Words: These are the methods to pick up UPS package before delivery. Many of UPS customers asked us the same question that “can I pick up a package from UPS before delivery.” So, we tried to give the best possible answer to this question. Hope you got your answer. You can go pick up a package at UPS. It’s very easy. If you have any other question, then you may leave a comment below.

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  1. So if my package is sitting at a hub near me on a holiday like today can I go get it so I don’t have to wait until tomarrow for delivery?

  2. if the package was delayed a day and was set to be delivered tomorrow, but arrives at the UPS pick up location that I have already selected to hold it today. Would I be able to go retrieve the package as soon as it arrives there today if the ups center is still open? Or do I absolutely have to wait to get it on the rescheduled delivery date.

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