Authorize Someone to Schedule and Accept USPS Mail Redelivery

United States Postal Service is an organization that facilitates its customers to send their letters, mail, packages, and many other items using different services and different USPS mail classes. As per the usual USPS process, if the recipient or the customer is not there at home at the time of the delivery to receive his/her mail item or package, then the letter carrier takes back the package or the mail to the post office. The letter carrier tries to deliver the mail item again on the following day. Now, on the next day, if the letter carrier does not find you at home again, then he leaves a form called, ‘PS Form 3849’. The post office in the meantime will hold your mail items. You should know that how many days does USPS hold these undelivered mail items.

If this happens regularly with you that you are not available at your home or you have planned to go out while you are expecting a mail, then you can avail one of the most useful services of the USPS. This service allows you to authorize someone to pick up USPS mail on your behalf. That person can pick up your mails, schedule a redelivery, and also accept a redelivery. Now, it becomes essential to know who can be an authorized person whom USPS will permit to do the job of receiving and also scheduling a redelivery. This is what this article will talk about. We will also discuss the guidelines for that person, and whether the letter carrier will verify an authorized agent or not.

Who Can Accept and Schedule a Re-Delivery?

The people who are fit to be authorized agents who can schedule and accept a re-delivery can be:

  • The person who is a part of addressee’s family
  • An agent of the addressee
  • The employee of the addressee

Any of these people can schedule and accept a redelivery. USPS calls that person, an authorized agent, who can accept & schedule a redelivery, only if they can answer with the essential information about the redelivery. Usually, the addressee authorizes his family member to become the authorized agent. Sometimes even a close friend can become the authorized agent of the addressee.

Guidelines for Authorized Agents:

Pickup AgentThere are some guidelines for authorized agents which are:

  • The letter carrier will deliver the mail only on the address written on the mail piece. If the authorized agent asks him to deliver the mail item to his address or a different address, then the letter carrier will not accept his request.
  • It is mandatory for one of person – either the addressee or his authorized agent to be present at the stated address when the letter carrier reaches to deliver the mail item. At the time of redelivery, one of them will have to give their signature for an Accountable Mail piece like a package with Signature Confirmation.
  • The person or the company needs to inform the local post office about their authorized agent with some acceptable form of ID like uniforms with the name of the company, and a company vehicle. But, the post office will verify the identity of the authorized agent if it does not recognize an agent.
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Is the Letter Carrier Required to Verify the Authorized Agent?

The letter carrier does not verify the identity of the authorized agent or a person if a person accepts the package or mail item either at home or business because if the person receives the mail item at home or business, then it means that the package is going in the right person’s hand. But, if the person visits the post office to pick the mail item himself, also called as USPS Agent Pickup, then this calls for an identification including a photo ID.



USPS has often found this query where people have asked whether they can pick up USPS package for someone else at the local post office or not. Hence, it was important to provide the people with these details. So, now you know your answer, you can only pick someone’s mail or package only if you are an authorized agent.

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