What is USPS Waiver of Signature?

In this article, let us talk about USPS Waiver of Signature. It is a request that a sender can initiate and authorize the letter carrier to send mail to its destination without getting the recipient or his agent’s signature. As per this request, the letter carrier leaves the sender’s mail in the mail recep­tacle or any safe place. If any sender of the mails and packages asks for the service of waiver of signature, then it means that sender is fine to receive the scan time and date information as a valid POD or a proof of delivery and he does not need a signature.

The USPS Waiver of Signature for the Express mail items is that after delivering the express mail, the letter carrier signs the form called PS Form 3849. He does not seek the sign of the recipient. Then, the letter carrier delivers the mail in the mail recep­tacle or in any safe place from where it is protected from the weather.

There are Few Points You Must be Aware of:

  • A sender of the mail must request for the waiver of the signature when he mails his shipment. The USPS will not amend the same when the package is in transit.
  • If no person claims the mail within five days, then the USPS will send the package back to the sender.
  • Those editions of the mail classes- Priority Mail Express Label 11-B or Label 11-F, which were published before January 2012, without obtaining getting the POD or the proof of delivery with the signature of the recipient, the customers who use Priority Mail Express item may ask the USPS to send a Priority Mail Express 1 Day Delivery or Priority Mail Express 2 Day Delivery by checking and signing the “Waiver of Signature” on Label 11-B or Label 11-F, or signifying waiver of signature request on single-ply commercial label.
  • This request is not available with extra insurance, For Priority Mail Express Collect on Delivery (COD) Restricted Delivery or Priority Mail Express COD.
  • In case of the loss of package, it will cancel any claim of insurance claim
  • Talking about the Return Receipt for the Merchandise, the delivery carrier will sign as Proof of Delivery and will leave the mail in mail recep­tacle or any safe place.
  • Talking about domestic Priority Mail Express, the delivery employee will sign it as POD and will leave the item in mail recep­tacle or any safe place.
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