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The United States Postal Service offers many services that make the sending and receiving of the shipments easy and convenient. One such service that USPS facilitates is the USPS package pickup. Using this service, the customers can send their packages without even going to the post office.

Let us learn more about USPS package pickup or carrier pickup:

What is Package Pickup:

Package Pickup ServiceAs we briefed you above, the USPS provides a service which is called, package pickup. This service permits the USPS customers to schedule their packages picked up by their letter carrier just like they receive the mails at their home. The service of package pickup is free of cost. Using this service, you can send any number of packages, the only thing you need to make sure is that the maximum weight per package should not exceed 70 pounds in any case.

For availing the facility of a free pickup, you will have to send your package via one of these mail services:

One thing to note here is that the USPS can pick up your packages which are sent by other mail classes like Media Mail, Parcel Select Ground, First-Class, etc. But the condition is that there should be at least one Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, or approved International package in your package.

How to Schedule a Pickup:

Scheduling a USPS package pickup is not a cumbersome task. The customers can schedule a pickup easily by going online. All you need to do is to visit the main or the official site of the USPS. You may follow the steps given below:

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Step 1:- Visit the page where you can schedule the pickup, or CLICK HERE to visit that page.

Step 2:- The first option you will see is, “Where should we pick up?” So, you need to enter your name, email, complete address, phone no., etc.

Package Pickup 1

Step 3:- The second thing USPS will ask you is, “Where should we look for your shipment?” You need to give them the place where your shipment will be at the time of pickup. You can also add some instructions.

Package Pickup 2

Step 4:- The next thing it will ask you is, “What time should we pick up?” Select any one option out of two. If you select “Specify a pickup window (Requires Sign In)*,” then it will ask you to sign in to your USPS account.

Package Pickup 5

Step 5:- In the column, “When should we pick up?”, you need to select the date of the pickup.

Package Pickup 3

Step 6:- The final thing you need to do is enter the number of items you want USPS to pick up in the last column. Enter the number of items according to the given mail class or service. Also, give a figure for estimated weight of your package.

Package Pickup 4

Step 7:- At last, click on “Schedule a Pickup” or “Save” option. Your item will be scheduled for pickup.

Important things to know before scheduling a pickup are:

  • You should submit the requests for the package pickup maximum by 2:00 AM CST.
  • You must take care to seal the packages properly.
  • The packages must be kept ready to be sent. It should not happen that the letter carrier comes to collect the package and you are yet to ready the shipment.
  • You must fix the correct postage on the package.
  • You can schedule a package pickup up in three months advance also.
  • You may schedule multiple pickups at a time.
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The USPS also allows the customers who have already scheduled the package pickup to change or cancel a package pickup request any time, but only before 2:00 a.m. Central Time on the specified date of the package pickup.

As you raise the request of USPS schedule pick up, the postal carrier will come to collect the packages you want to send on a particular delivery day. Your packages can be collected on the next delivery day. The delivery days of the USPS are from Monday to Saturday, excluding Sundays and holidays. You should also know about the USPS Sunday Delivery.

When USPS collects your package, the postal carrier will notify you about the pickup by leaving a notification for you so that you know that your package has been picked up. Just log on to the link:

for getting more information on how to schedule a USPS package pickup.

How Does Package Pickup Work?

Package Pickup is a free service. Even when you have many items scheduled for pickup, then also you don’t need to pay anything.

  • You can schedule a free pick up for Priority Mail Express items, Priority Mail shipments, First-Class Package Service-Commercial items, and international or returns items. You can also have shipment picked up for other classes of mail if they are combined with one of these products.
  • You can have your pickup on the next delivery day or other specified days along with the standard pickup of the customer’s mail
  • The items should not weigh more than 70 pounds and should not have a length and girth of more than 130 inches
  • If the items are more than 13oz. in weight, there will be no package pickup. The customer has to present the same to the staff at the retail counter of the Post Office location.
  • To schedule your package pickup, CLICK HERE.
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What Mail Classes are Eligible for Package Pickup?

USPS available for pickup mail classes are:

In the Domestic category:

  • Priority Mail Express
  • Priority Mail service
  • Priority Mail Open and Distribute® shipments
  • First-Class Package Service-Commercial™ items
  • Returns including Bulk Parcel Return Service, Merchandise Return Service (MRS), Parcel Return Service (PRS)

In the International category:

  • Priority Mail International service
  • Global Express Guaranteed service
  • Priority Mail Express International service
  • First-Class Package International Service shipments

Additional Information:

Some other good to know information about USPS pick up include:

  • Hazardous materials cannot be sent through parcel pick up service.
  • Packages must meet all the packaging, labeling, and USPS mailability standards
  • International mail items that need customs declaration form and postage stamps must be given by the customer to that staff of the Post Office location.
  • You can submit your USPS pickup request on holiday or Sunday, but the pickup will happen only on the next scheduled delivery day. Like if you submit pickup request on Saturday afternoon, you can have a Monday pickup.
  • You also have an option to extend your scheduled Package Pickup request. You can do so by signing in the Package Pickup website. You can extend your package pickup up to 12 months from the present date.
  • Your package pick-up service location can be:
  • Mailbox
  • Office
  • Reception
  • Side Door
  • Front Door
  • Back Door
  • Knock on Door or Ring Bell
  • Mail Room
  • Any Other
  • You Can track the status of delivery for the picked-up package online. Like USPS priority mail pickup can be tracked or the packages that include USPS Tracking or Signature Confirmation services.
  • You are not needed to be present at the pickup location if you are sending postage-paid items within the US.

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