USPS Homeless Mail – Post Offices Offering Mail Service to Homeless

You will hardly find a person in the United States who is not the customer of United States Postal Service. USPS has reached almost every household of USPS. With so many services and different mail classes, they deliver a huge number of mail items and packages to their customers. Many postal workers work with USPS, who deliver the customer’s packages to the given addresses. With a wide ambit of so many USPS services, is there any mail service for the homeless people as well? Did you ever think or expect such a service from the US postal service? Then let us talk about it.

Is There Any Mail Service for the Homeless?

Yes, the postal service of US offers a service for homeless people which is called homeless mail service of USPS.

Like in many countries, in the United States also, many people cannot afford to have a home. For those people, USPS and other package delivery companies of the US, have created this service to help them get access to the letters.

Now, as you know that USPS offers a mail service for the homeless people of United States. But the United States Postal Service isn’t the only one. There are many other postal agencies and service providers who have a free P.O. box for the same.

USPS Homeless MailNow, how can a homeless person access this PO box to get his packages and letters? To avail this service, that person needs to submit a written application to the local post office. This application will mention that he wants to use the P.O Box service. After that, the USPS homeless mail service or other postal agency’s mail service will provide that person with the Post Box.

But, there are some rules or conditions to avail this free PO box. Only if the homeless person fulfills these conditions, then the postmaster of the U.S Postal Service will accept the application from him/her. The conditions are mentioned below:

  • The postmaster or the window clerk knows the homeless applicant.
  • But if the applicant is unknown, he will have to provide a valid ID.
  • The applicant needs to give a valid point of contact to the post office. The applicant can give the contact of his place of employment or charitable institution or shelter or any social services office.

So, these were the three conditions which the homeless applicant must fulfill to get a post office box service. However, if an applicant cannot fulfill these three conditions, then he can go for USPS General Delivery service for an indefinite time. But to avail the indefinite USPS General Delivery Service, he will have to seek an approval of the postmaster.



This is all about USPS homeless mail. Anyone who doesn’t have any home can request for this mail service. If he/she fulfills all the conditions given above, then the post office will provide him/her the P.O. Box. To know some more information about this service, you can get in touch with your local post office.

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