What does IN-TRANSIT Mean in USPS Tracking?

USPS provides many additional services and fabulous offers too to its customers, one of them is the facility to track one’s packages. By saying tracking the package, we mean that USPS allows their customers to locate their shipment and make themselves aware of the updated status of their shipment using the USPS tracking service.

This article wishes to answer those customers who do not know the meaning of USPS tracking statuses and IN-TRANSIT. Let us discuss this in detail.

What Does IN-TRANSIT Mean?

in-transit status in tracking

When you give your item to the USPS for delivery, it accepts your item and starts the process of delivery. Transit is a part of the shipment delivery process. When we say that the package is in the transit or in transit to the destination, it means that the package is on the way to the delivery. You will have a better idea of in-transit meaning as you read the meaning of the different USPS status or updates summarized below.

USPS Tracking Updates/Status Meanings:

There are stages of the progress bar, and every stage of the progress bar shows the status of your shipment. The different stages of the progress bar include the following:

  • PRE-SHIPMENT: This is the first stage of the progress bar. Most of the USPS customers also ask, “What does pre-shipment mean?” If you see this status as you try to find the status of your package on the USPS website, then it implies that till now USPS has only received the information of your mail item or shipment. If your package update is showing this stage, this also means that United States Postal Service has not yet started the processing of the package.

pre-shipment status in tracking

  • ACCEPTED: The second state of the progress bar is Accepted. The mail item at this stage means that your shipment has been handed over to the U. S. Postal Service in person. Only after the USPS accepts your package, it starts processing the same.

accepted status in tracking

  • IN-TRANSIT: This stage will answer your question, what does in-transit to destination mean? In transit to destination is the third stage of the mail item. This stage of “In Transit” implies that the shipment is now on the way or the item is currently in transit to the destination. When you see that your item is on the stage of the transit, it would mean that your item is on the move and it will reach its final destination after some time.

in-transit status in tracking

  • ALERT: Now that you have understood USPS in transit to destination meaning, let us talk about another stage of the USPS tracking progress bar, which is “ALERT.” This alert warns the customers of the USPS who have mailed their shipment that there seems to be a problem that is leading to the delay in the delivery of the shipment or the mail item. If you see such a stage in the progress bar, do not hesitate to contact the number 1-800-ASK-USPS. This way you will get to know the latest update of your package.

alert status in tracking

  • DELIVERED: This is best and the most relieving status of your shipment. It means that your mail item has reached its final destination and the job is done. The bar will also detail you with the first initial and the last name of the person receiving the delivery in case you had chosen the add-on services such as signature confirmation or used Priority Mail Express.

delivered status in tracking

  • Status Not Available: This message can also pop up on your screen at times which means that the tracking number you have entered may be wrong, or there is no update on your package. You must punch in the tracking number again and try if it works.

Status not available in tracking

  • Multiple tracking numbers show the following two different statuses or updates. If you enter multiple tracking numbers to get their status, then USPS will show you the following two updates. You can see the updates of each shipment by clicking on the “+” sign:

multiple packages delivered status

multiple packages in transit status

Hence, these were the different stages of the progress bar including the USPS in transit.

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